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Monday, November 10, 2014

May the Chores be with You {Chore Chart} for Kids

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Happy Monday! Are you ready for today and this week? Does your house get destroyed every weekend with your kids home? haha Well, I have the post for you today!

Last week, my son texted me from school and asked me to bring some homework up to him at school that he had left on the kitchen table. Hmmm...

I love being a stay at home mom, and am so thankful that I CAN do this kind of thing for him. BUT, at the same time, I also want to help him learn. Since this is the third or fourth time already this fall, that this has happened...I made a quick change. I said sure, but you'll owe me a chore or $5. Not to say really that he OWES me, but I wanted him to know that my time is also valuable, and that I don't just sit at home with nothing to do. I want him to know what it takes for me to stop what I am doing, find the HW, gather the little ones at home with me together, buckle them in the car, drive up to the school, take them all in with me and the get the picture.

My husband and I even think it would be good for the kids to do everything that I do (like above) sometime (Well, not actually have THEM drive! lol) to see how much effort and time it actually takes to do this.

Anyway...he didn't think I was serious (apparently) but agreed. Later after he got home I reminded him and he laughed saying. "You're serious?" I smiled, and said, "yes." I just asked him to change out a couple of lightbulbs that are up high (and that he can reach more easily than me) and he laughed a bit later and said, "I don't think I will be forgetting things as much." Good kid.

And seems to have worked as a great lesson...? We'll see, but at least I am trying and so is he. Love my kids. And I love them enough to take the time to help them learn. They each have chores.

What kind of chores do you have your kids do around your house? What age do you have them start?

I recently made a new chore chart for our family and am loving the ease with which I can change it weekly. My kids do weekly chores after school. Some of those are taking out the trash, setting and clearing the table, emptying the dishwasher...and then they each have a room in the house assigned to them on a weekly basis (as well as their own bedrooms) that they spend maybe ten minutes at most picking up daily as well. It has worked great for us. Then on Saturday, that one room that they are assigned to, is their responsiblity to REALLY clean it.

Previously I had this chalkboard vinyl on our fridge and I just wrote the chores for the week. BUT, as I went to change them each week, it was a bit of a pain remembering them all as I erased it and wrote the new rotation and I wanted something better.

I saw these little glass mosaic tiles at our local craft store recently and thought how fun they would be to make into magnets. I have a couple of different ideas to use them for, but this was the first. They work great to use as a chore chart and are SO much easier to just move over each week for me now! I love them!

(And of course I had to put a fun little Star Wars spin to the chore chart. hahaha)

So if you want to make one of these, it really is so simple. You can even print out your own chart if you want on just paper or paper and then laminate it. I used vinyl to make mine and stuck it right on top of my chalkboard vinyl (since it was already there, but even that is not necessary).

Then take your 1 inch mosaic tiles (which you can find at a craft store in all different colors) and either use paint pens to draw little pics on them for each designated chore (or again, I used vinyl). I used letters like "K" or "B" for the rooms (Kitchen and Bathroom), and the 10 was just for a random 10 minute chore.
I have to say that the dogs (We have a boxer and a pug and this looks just like them!) and the table setting are my favs. lol

Just have fun with it and the kids will too. (er...maybe. haha)


kpp said...

This is SO fun...LOVE the SW theme!!!