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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Olaf's Mug {Frozen Inspired}

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My 3 and 4 year old girls have a very affectionate relationship with Olaf...to say the least! haha He is very loved at our house. My 3 year old gets up in your space, about an inch from you face, and whipsers, "Olaf likes warm hugs". She does this often and out of the blue. It cracks me up!

The other day, my daughter totally all on her own, came up with the thought,"Mom! We should make an Olaf mug!" And with the freezing (Brrrr!) temperatures we have this week, it was perfect to make! So we did! 

Bwahaha Get it? It's Olaf's mug. bwahaha)

 They absolutely LOVED how they turned out and they really were soooo easy and fun! I think they'll make great little gifts for friends and family and they are tons of everyday fun for my all of my kids!

 Of course, I had to had the "warm hugs" bit to one of them! Totally made my daughter smile when I told her what it said. Love those smiles!
 If you want to DIY, I just drew the images myself in my Silhouette Designer Studio, and then cut them out with vinyl and applied them to the mugs, but you could even use paint pens to make these as well.
 They were a perfect addition to our after school snack yesterday when the big(ger) kids came home too! I think I might need to head back to Wal-mart and get a few more mugs.


Penny L. said...

the Olaf inspired mug is incredible! You did a wonderful job. I'd wonder if you'd be willing to share your file? My friend's daughter is 4 and Olaf-crazy. I have a Cameo and am just learning how to use vinyl but don't know yet how to do the "trace". So far I've only semi-mastered the SIL store files (did 3 small trivets so far). Thanks for considering.

Penny L. said...

Ok, you inspired me! I went and did some searching, tried tracing, and even did some "offset" stuff and created about 4 files tonight, including this cute Olaf, which I've made into an ornament. Thank you so much for inspiring me. It was FUN and now I feel just a tiny bit more able to run this Cameo!

rpp said...

Yay! I'm so glad Penny! I am trying to get this ready to share as a cut file for others!

Jacque Lovett said...

Would you mind sharing your Olaf design with me. It will only be used to make gifts.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!