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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Top 10 Perfect Mini Pumpkin Place Settings for Thanksgiving Dinner

I don't know about you, but I already have a ton of things "on my plate" to get ready before Thanksgiving, so while I LOVE place settings at the table, I also don't want to spend a ton of time on them. I love the bright colors of mini pumpkins and how festive they are as well as the elegant look of the mini white pumpkins. This makes mini pumpkins PERFECT for Thanksgiving dinner place settings! So I've compiled 10 perfect place setting ideas using these cute and classy mini pumpkins. Most of them are so easy, all you need to do is gather a paper and pen, or a sharpie or even print the name!

Love the simplicity of the gold tape on this first one, just wrapped around the stem, with the added touch of a leaf from Crafts Unleashed.

This next one from is great in it's monochromatic elegance. And all you really need is a sharpie!

A Fabulous Fete put together these cute little orange masterpieces with a fun font and some skewers it looks like.

The Punch Bowl made this cute set up which could be in the center of the table OR could be changed out with names.

I love the simplicity of this single letter on this mini pumpkin from BG Events and Catering. Paint pens or vinyl would work great for this.
Painted Pumpkins for Thanksgiving

The Art Soiree created this little masterpice below.

This one is total perfect elegance with the font and the added glitter and shimmer from the Formal Fringe.
Get 10 ways to use real pumpkins to decorate your Thanksgiving table this year.
The Scrap Shoppe made these adorable little place settings with a touch of blue that I love.

Love these cute little chalkboard paint inspired settings from Never Static. Not sure my kids would leave them alone! :)

House and Home came up with this simple pretty little white pumpkin. I love how the name is in the pumpkin color from beneath. (They also have an easy pinecone one that looks great too!)

The next two are similar and still so simple, that anyone can do them with a little paint and paper!
DIY Thanksgiving Pumpkin Place Cards
The one above is from Vicky Barone and is just gorgeous!

This last one (is actually #11) I found this one on Pinterest and tried to go to the page it originated from and couldn't, so if this is yours, please let me know who to give credit to. Thanks!
Mini pumpkins as place cards.

And although these aren't pumpkins, I loved them all the same!
Leaf template options collage
From EB Designs

and I am LOVING the feathers added to this pinecone! From Honestly Yum
Pinecone Place Setting

So there you have it! No matter your style or your budget, you don't have to spend a ton of time or money, and your Thanksgiving table can still look fun and fabulous!


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These are so fun - so many options.
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