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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Minecraft Gameband Makes the Game Portable

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How many of you out there have someone you know who would play Minecraft 24/7 if you let them?! haha What if it could be a portable Minecraft game? Think your kids (or YOU?) could go for that?! Well, if you follow me on here at all, you know I have a few kids who would! Maybe it was the Minecraft inspired DIY costumes I've shown (that we have sported three years in a row) that tipped you off? haha  Sheez! We even had Minecraft decor in our bathroom at one point! ha! Well, we've added to that Minecraft craze lately with this Gameband. And BOY! Is it a big hit in our house!

I've been talking about chores a lot lately...well, this is the perfect reward for after those chores are completed! A little bit of screen time. OR A perfect gift for a soon-to-be birthday boy this week (wink wink) OR a great gift for the holidays coming up. No matter who and when, it's amazing! And will bring a huge smile! We got ours in the mobile gaming aisle at our local @Target store (one of my girls' and my favorite place to visit). Remember that huge smile I mentioned! Yep! She found it!

Between my 9, 11, and 15 year old, there is always someone wanting to play Minecraft in our house...whether it's on the computer or on the XBOX. Even my 4 year old asked to play this past week! (We may need more computers! haha Not gonna happen!)

The Gameband is for use on the computer and my 9 year old was the lucky one who tried it out first. One of her favorite features of the Gameband was that she can wear it! Surprise! Surprise! (Coming from a girl who likes to accessorize) She even used the word "stylish". Cracked me up! Shhhh...I don't think her brothers heard that. haha And it even comes in two different sizes to be able to fit almost anyone's wrist.

Once I got her to stop wearing it and plug it into the USB port, it was super easy to set up. In fact, my kids did it mostly with just a little supervision from me.

Next the boys were vying for their turn. "It's so much more than just a USB," my 15 year old pointed out. He was getting all technical about how a USB can't save worlds on it, and let you take those worlds to another computer (like at a friend's house), but this enables you to do just that! Gameband saves your worlds and even backs them up, so that you never lose a world again!

My 11 year old was the funniest about it. I think he went on for at least an hour (hollering to me from the computer, "This is wicked awesome Mom!" as he discovered that he was able to create his own animations that would show up on the gameband when wearing it.

"This is sooo cool Mom! I'm adding animation!"

So whether they all want to wear it as a watch to school or want to get some extra screen time in with it, it's a hot item for any Minecraft lover! We sure love it!

Gameband belongs to Now Computing and is affiliated with Minecraft. If anyone has any feedback regarding Gameband, they should reach out to Now Computing.


Michelle said...

I love your kids' reactions to the Gameband. I know mine would be dueling over who got to have the Gameband first. And second. And last. And always! #client