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Friday, December 19, 2014

Not Your Ordinary Santa Cookie Plate!

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I can't believe we have less than a week until Christmas. I am still finishing up a few projects...eek!

I had so much fun making this little set of Santa plates and cups. PERFECT for the little ones to have a little fun with leaving cookies and milk for Santa. (And you can't forget to leave some carrots for the reindeer too. We throw those up on the roof sometimes, so the reindeer can get them easier. Because Santa doesn't need to be carrying more you know!)

We have a Santa cookie plate that I made a few years back, but it was on a glass plate, and I wanted one that was more "kid friendly", so I went with some festive red plastic ones this year. I love the smiles that you get with any cookie plate for Santa, but these brought some even bigger ones when they saw/heard what they said on each one.

You could easily make these yourself too. I used vinyl that I cut out on my Silhouette and applied to these plates (I bought at Walmart). But you could also use a paint pen or something similar if you don't have access to vinyl. Or you could have the vinyl ordered! :) No matter how you DIY them, they'll be a big hit!

And you still have time to make them too! They also make a fun little gift for friends and families with kids. And inexpensive and easy! Just have fun with it!


kpp said...

Hilarious and awesome as always! You do such FUN things!

Nancy Phillips said...

Dadd also thinks that this is hilarious!!! Love it all!

rpp said...

Thanks! This one was really fun!