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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Collection of DIY Valentines {with Free Printable Valentine Tags}

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I have to say I have had a lot of fun creating this post!'s actually the first of TWO posts for this year's DIY Valentine Idea collection. So hang on to your hats, because there will still be more to come!

I love seeing all of the creative Valentine ideas out there every year! We do something different every year for each of my kids, for their classes and teachers. It can be a bit overwhelming and if you're anything like me, you enjoy the original ones, but you don't want to spend an entire week making them, or a fortune! So today, I am sharing with you some that are perfect little DIY Valentines, where surely ONE of them might make you smile and be perfect for that special someone! So, here goes!

You're on a Roll, Baby! Be My Valentine?

I have to say this one is probably my favorite! It's so easy and fun too! (Although my nine year old daughter wasn't so sure, because she said she was NOT going to call anyone "Baby"! Made me laugh!

(Glue dots are my friend with all of these. They are easy and stick so well when adding the tags to the valentines!)

This is a totally fun one for older boys! They'll think it's hilarious to give to others, especially the girls. I'm sure they would love to make them squeal over the roaches in the bag! lol (You can also do it for younger ones too and can use more "friendly" bugs like grasshoppers in the bag.)
Valentine, I'm buggin over you!

TOTAL Boy! Makes me laugh! (And they look pretty real! Eek!)

(All you need to do for this one is find some small bags (easy to find in a craft store), put the bugs in, staple a colored paper folded over the top and stick your fun tag on with a glue dot! (or other adhesive)

If you want some cute girly ones, I love the way this valentine came out with a bow clipped on. Perfect to pull off and wear immediately and sooo cute! (If you want to know how to make the bows, this is one from Ginger Snap Crafts that she cut with felt. She also has a tutorial on how to make them out of Capri Suns here!)

Valentine, I bow down to you!

For the person, looking for a more healthy alternative to the sugary valentines, I love the simplicity and the "cuteness" of this one:
Valentine, I think You're a Cutie!

For this one, I just printed the tag, stuck a toothpick in the cutie and put the fun straw on top/around the toothpick and added the tag on top. This one would also work well for a teacher. You could giver the teacher a bunch of cuties with this tag. Who doesn't love cuties?!

And I absolutely adore this next one for the class teachers in your children's life. You could also adapt it to an office, a team, any group! I love it!
Our class is like Fudge, Mostly Sweet, with a Few Nuts!

You can do unshelled nuts....

OR you can throw some shelled nuts into a little mason jar like this one below. Love both!

I just used a festive cupcake liner and slid it in the lid and folded it over to dress teh jar up a bit, then added twine and the tag!

(You could also give fudge, rather than nuts with it as well.)

If you have smaller kids, you may like this one which you can make with more than one option:
You Color My World!

Both are super easy. Just print out the tags and stick them onto the carton/box.

"All you need is Love"
And this last one is so versatile, you could give it to almost anyone! I just grabbed a cute brown bag (with a decorative window) and some washi tape to decorate it up a bit. I filled it with little cinnamon gummy hearts (I got at CVS), and folded/stapled it down at the top and added the cute little tag "All you need is Love" at the top! Love it! So fast and easy! Great for teachers, friends, someone special, anyone! And so many things you can fill it with!

So, no matter who you are looking to make a fun, easy, little DIY Valentine for, hopefully you found the perfect one!

Free Printable Tags
If you want any of the free printable tags shown, you can access them with the links below through a google doc I created to share with you today. For personal use only.

Our Class is like Fudge... Tag here.

Cuties Tag

OR several different tags on the same page here
(I'll be adding more of each of these tags on pages by themselves this weekend.)

Which one was your favorite so far? Remember I've got more coming next on Monday, so check back! 

Love hearing your comments! 


kpp said...

S TOTALLY wants to use the fruit roll up one, thanks!

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Great collection of Valentine's ideas! Thanks for linking up to Creative Spark! Hope you'll join us again this week :)

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Such a great ideas! Thanks for linking up with the Creative Spark Link Party!

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Those bugs do look real. Imagine what you could do with them. Heh heh (mischievous 7 year old laugh)

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Wow, loved these images and valentine's day crafts, someone of them we can easily make at home.