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Friday, January 9, 2015

DIY Five Minute <$5 Infinity Scarf (No Sew)

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It's From this to that Friday and I am excited to show you how easy this DIY is!

I don't know about you, but this cold weather is making me want to bring a different scarf out every day lately!

Well, a few months ago, as I was shopping at Walmart, this "yarn" caught my eye over by the craft section and I immediately thought that it would make a super easy and cute scarf. There were lots of colors to choose from and I loved how they even changed from one color to another in just the one roll/skein. I picked a couple up and was ready to start when I got home. And let me tell you, it was easy as pie! (Actually it was much easier than baking a pie! hahaha)

It truly took me maybe 5 minutes and I didn't sew at all! In fact, all I did was measure a tad, make lots of loops and tie a couple knots and wala!

So, here's a little tutorial for you!

First, decide what and how you want to do this. You can do this a couple of different ways.

1-The first one I made was for my daughter to wear with the new t-shirt we made her for school pride day. I ended up making her a smaller one and then me another one that was a bit longer than hers all out of one roll. BUT I prefer wearing them together when I wear them most of the time. It's fuller that way.

2-The other option is just to make the one out of a roll. (like the one I am wearing above)
Once you've decided if you are making one or two out of one roll, all you need is some scissors and maybe a measuring tape or yardstick for your supplies.

You then decide how long you want to make the original loop. Keep in mind that you will then loop it again (as you do an infinity scarf) as you put it on. I opted for making the one large loop about 30ish inches long on the one I am wearing (where I made just one scarf out of the roll.)

Then all you do is loop it over and over again at that desired length. I changed the length up a bit (an inch here or there) just to give it a bit of different lengths within the scarf.

Then...after you have looped it all, you just tie the two last ends together. Then take a bit of extra that you have left and tie the whole thing together (through the large end of the loop at one end). That's it!

Then put it on and loop it around again like you do any normal infinity scarf. So easy, it makes you want to go buy more, doesn't it?

And I love the different texture it has and how you can even spread it out a bit to make it more full.

Hope you enjoyed. Have fun!