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Friday, January 30, 2015

From This to That Friday {with Repurposed Pallets}

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My favorite days on this blog are From This to That Fridays! I love taking something simple and turning it into...well, MORE! Love a DIY project!

For today, I have a simple sign I want to show you that I made from pallets. Pallets are big for so many projects right now, some big projects even, but I just wanted a simple smooth board. Half the time, we think if we want a smooth board to use for something like this, we think pallets won't work. Often, we think of pine or something similar. BUT, pallets WILL work! And I love the rustic and distressed look that comes with them, not to mention the price! (FREE!)

I cut off a piece of the pallet with a reciprocating saw, and then trimmed it on my miter saw. I like the nail holes in it, so I left them visible on each end. At that point, the board was still really rough. All it took was about 5 minutes with a hand sander though to remedy that. Super smooth now! With the same distressed look of a pallet board!

Then I just added the word art that I wanted on the board to put up in my house. And wala!
From this to that!

I love this simple quote and how it makes me think differently each day. Each day is what you make it! I want my kids to think this way too!

 I love the rustic eclectic look and love repurposing and upcycling materials! I love word art as well, so this was the best project ever and really only took maybe an hour tops from start to finish! So next time you see some pallets laying around, just think of the possibilities! And when you're looking for a smoother board, just sand down those pallets!


kpp said...

I need a pallet!

Misty said...

David has access to hundreds of pallets. He has brought quite a few home for projects for him (dog houses, etc...), but looks like I need to start making a list of things I want to do with them. :)

Andrew Miguelez said...

Pallets are the best! There doesn't seem to be a limit to how many things you can make, or how easy it is to make things with pallets!

This frame is so simple and so perfect! Thanks for sharing.