Library Storytime and Kids Craft for Preschoolers at Home DIY ~ Create it. Go!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Library Storytime and Kids Craft for Preschoolers at Home DIY

I have tried more recently to make more time for my two little ones still at home for me. So, one of the things we have done more is to visit our local library most weeks during storytime. BUT...inevitably, sometimes we just can't make it. So. one morning, I thought "Why not do it at home?!" (Why in the world I did not think of this sooner is beyond this mom brain! haha)

So, we started out with one of our favorite books. This book never gets old to my kids. And their reactions while we read it together always bring a smile to my face. I LOVE seeing them engaged as we read and smiling and laughing, Best.feeling.ever!

The Monster at the End of This Book. We all find this book hilarious! It's not all Sesame Street like, just lovable Grover and so much fun with little ones. ( I grew up with this book and ordered a copy for us on Amazon.)

After we read it together, my girls made paper bag puppet monsters. I found it hilarious with all they did to them.

Then later, I found my daughter "reading" the book again (as she sat in her favorite reading spot, one of our dogs' beds.) Bonus smile!

So next time you find yourself stuck at home with your little ones, just pull out a favorite book and a few sheets of paper or craft supplies. Seriously! Kids don't care what you pull out...they just like to create! It literally will take no longer than a half hour. And it will give you ALL a big smile and make your day better!