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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Romantic Restaurants Round Up in NWA

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I love being part of the SoFab community and loved this idea of many of us sharing some of the best restaurants in our own individual areas. It's always hard when you're traveling or when you move to a new place, to know and find a good place to eat, so hopefully this will help you out!

Do you have a big date night planned for Valentines Day? Don't know where to go? Check out all of the fabulous dining across the United States and choose one to try for your big date coming up!

Since I recently moved to Northwest Arkansas (from out of state), I am still finding places myself to go eat. So I asked a bunch of friends that are local what their favorite hot dining spots were and am working on trying them out! I have to say I loved getting this long list of great places to eat right near me! 

If you're in the NWA area and feeling like some Mexican food/Latin cuisine, I have a few suggestions for you:
Table Mesa Bistro, Bentonville, AR
Victoria's, Pea Ridge, AR (Can be a little out of the way, but love the food and prices!)
Abuelos, Rogers, AR (A chain we had in TX too, but love their food!)

If you're more in the mood for some BBQ, I've got your covered!
The Whole Hog
G@D's BBQ, Rogers, AR
Personally, I love my Rudy's, but I would have to drive an hour or two from here to find that! ;)

Looking for some super fresh food?
Green Bean, Rogers, AR is the place for you!

Sushi anyone?
Sushi King in Rogers, AR is the place to go!

A variety of food at these places:
Fish City Grill, Rogers, AR
Mamu Fu's, Bentonville, AR
Fred's Hickory Inn, Bentonville, AR (Pit BBQ, Steaks, & Italian Food)
Tavola, Bentonville, AR
Miss Saigon, Bentonville, AR (Vietnamese Restaurant)
Marketplace Grill, Springdale, AR
Kosmo's, Fayetteville, AR (Greek)
Hammontree's Grilled Cheese, Fayetteville, AR
Geraldi's, Fayetteville, AR (Italian)
Heirloom Food and Wine, Rogers, AR

Best Burger around?
Five guys, Rogers, AR
Ron's Burgers, Bentonville, AR

Adventurous and want to try a food truck?
Try Crepes Paulette in Bentonville, AR

Best pizza place around?
Gusano's Pizza, Bella Vista, AR (Yum! Chicago style too!)

A little further out, but so charming and beautiful are some Eureka Springs Hot Dining Spots:
DeVitos, Eureka Springs, AR
Rogues Manor, Eureka Springs, AR
Autumn Breeze, Eureka Springs, AR
Stone House, Eureka Springs, AR
Caribe, Eureka Springs, AR

And if you're really feeling like a cozy, intimate spot, try staying at home and ordering in, OR making some delish recipe yourself!

So, there you have it! A LOAD of choices for that big Valentines dinner for Two! What sounds good to you?