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Monday, January 26, 2015

Round 2: Collection of DIY Valentines {with Free Printable Valentine Tags}

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Ok! Who's ready for Round 2 of MORE Valentine Ideas?!

I was having so much fun coming up with easy DIY Valentines and making these free printables, I couldn't stop! haha So, today I have another round of them for you!

Yoo Hoo! I'm Crazy About You!

I love these and so will the kids! So easy too. You just print off the labels, wrap them around the Yoo-Hoo box and tape it in the back. (I taped it to the actual Yoo-Hoo box as well, to make sure it doesn't slide off.)

I Bean Thinking About You, Valentine!

This one can also be done so many ways. You can just buy a little bag of jelly beans or put a few in a small bag yourself with a little bag topper. OR you can find a fun container to give them away in, like this adorable little bubble gum machine I found at the dollar store. Too fun! (And better than giving my little ones gum. haha) This could also be a really fun teacher gift too!

You can't hide from me Valentine! 
(or you could say "I can't disguise my love for you!" Either way, so fun and easy!)

You can usually find packages of these at dollar stores or in a party section of a store.

You make my heart POP!

You can do this one with so many things. Mini Popcorn Bags, Lolli-pops, or even Pop Rocks!

I'd Freeze Time to be with You Valentine!
This one is so much fun if he's a Star Wars fan. I love these little Frozen Han Solo ice trays I found online. And they were perfect to use for a chocolate mold too!

(These turned out so fun, although it's hard to see in the little bag I put them in.)

I've got a CRUSH on you!

Too fun! Just add a little CRUSH drink packet to each card, the flavor of your choice!

I'm a Sucker for Teachers Like You! 
(Bouquet of Suckers OR a single sucker)

Grab a bag of suckers and tie a ribbon around them to make a bouquet, or throw them in a little cute bucket or pot, and add the label. So easy and fun!

There you have it!

So, which was your favorite out of this round? One of the best things about ALL of them, is how easy and relatively inexpensive they are! Love it!

FREE Downloadable Printables
Here are more of the links to the free printables as well. 
You're welcome to any and for your personal use only. Thanks!

Han Solo Freeze Time Tag

Disguise Tag

Yoo Hoo box Wraps

Sucker for Teachers Like YOU

I've Got a Crush on You

You Make My Heart Pop!

I Been Thinking About You