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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

5 Steps to Making Family Photo Sessions Stress Free and Full of Smiles

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I don't know about you, but I LOVE getting our family pictures each year.  That is, I love getting them back after they are taken. haha What I don't love though, is getting everybody ready for them! It's always a mad rush out the door by the time we need to leave, leaving us all feeling frazzled as we arrive for family pictures. Not the most ideal way to start a photo session and have everyone looking happy with a smile on their face.

We have a family of seven, so it involves lots of us working together to have a successful family photo shoot. And it takes a LOT of preparation. You can't just show up and expect the photographer to work miracles. They can do a little of that ;), but there's only so much they can do to grumpy faces.

This little picture of my family (below) was taken several years ago and cracks me up today. In fact, it may be worthy of a frame. haha But...I would also have preferred a "good" picture along with it then too, which I didn't get so much. (It's still a keeper though and totally makes me laugh. haha)

So, to help you to get better family photos than the one above (lol), here are 
5 Steps to Making Family Photo Sessions 
Stress Free and Full of Smiles
1-First thing I recommend is to hire a photographer that you, personally, like. Check out some of the photographs they have already taken of others on their site. Do you like their style? Background choices? Poses? Do they photograph some of the same age group of people that are in your family? When you talk or meet with them, was it easy to talk to them and be around them? That will give you a clue as how your photo session will go. My favorite photographer that we have used for our family photos made it all seem like an hour of fun and games for my kids. She took pics as they were playing around, and had us pretty much just gather together as a family and those made the best "poses". My kids were all smiles and never felt stifled or stuck in a pose. If you are taking the pictures yourself, like I did this past time with our family. Remember two things: It never goes as well this way (because it's Mom/Dad asking the kids to cooperate, not someone else) and PATIENCE! Also bring smarties. No mess candy for rewards.) lol

2-Next, figure out what everyone is going to wear BEFORE the day of pictures and have all the clothes set out and ready to put on. It's never a good thing to be running around the house an hour before you leave, trying to find that one shirt that you wanted to wear. Choose colors that compliment each other, but are not all the same. Do not choose busy prints for everyone to wear. I like to choose two to three different color combinations and then have some in solid colors and just a couple people in prints. My favorite combo is probably blues, oranges and browns. There are a ton of sites to get color combo ideas from. After you have chosen colors that work for your family, I have the hardest person to dress choose their outfit first and then go from there. My little girls are probably the easiest to dress and have the most clothes to choose from (How does that happen?!), so I find something that works for them last.

3-Think of anything you can do ahead of time to make everyone in your family comfortable and confident during the photo shoot. Whether it's getting a nap in or just feeling loved and happy for a little one, or if there's  a child that is shy and needs some additional mental preparation, or if it's YOU who wants to feel better about something. You can't lost weight overnight, but some poses are better than others. Think about that and talk with your photographer ahead of time. You can't grow your hair overnight, but you can have it styled. (Although I would not suggest trying a NEW hair cut or color the week of your pictures. You never know if you are going to like them and if they will turn out the way you expected.) One thing you can do the week of your photo shoot though, is to use Colgate® Optic White® Express.

You can find it easily at your local Wal-Mart and in just 3 short days of brushing, it can do wonders at making your teeth whiter and your smile brighter!* Colgate® Optic White® Express actually has 2 times more of the professional recommended whitening ingredient, compared to that in Optic White Sparkling Mint TP. AND if you're still on the edge, there are 550 stores that will have a roaming demo on 2/28/15 and will be giving out $1 off coupons for Colgate® Optic White® Express toothpaste. So just check out this store list to find your local store, and head on over there to pick up your coupon.

You're going to brush anyway, right? So you might as well make those pearly whites a bit whiter in the process. And feel comfortable about that smile for the camera!

4-Now, the for the day of the photo shoot...Eat. Don't leave hungry. If you are taking your family pictures right before sundown (This is my favorite time to do them, but also close to dinner time...), so give everyone a snack an hour or so ahead of time. It's amazing how grumpy we can get when we're hungry. Everyone is much happier when their stomachs are not grumbling and their blood sugar isn't low. BUT, don't give them sugar either. You don't want sugar highs, sugar crashes, or sugar lows. :) Protein is good.

5-It's time to go! First, make sure you choose a time of day for your family photo shoot, that you know will work for everyone coming. It's no fun rushing from one thing to another. Plan to leave at least 15-30 minutes before you THINK you need to leave. That way, you will be sure to be on time, even with a couple unexpected delays (like traffic, etc.) and even have a couple minutes to spare and just enjoy the scenery. (Because normally, you will be taking pictures in a pretty spot!) And remember to smile, show off those pearly whites, and to have fun! Your kids will catch on to the mood and smile more as well.

So, the next time you schedule a family photo shoot, be prepared...to have fun and to SMILE!

*For best results, use as directed for 4 weeks. 


Samantha said...

These are great tips! With three little ones pictures can be tough! It's good to know that just days before pictures I can work to get my teeth whiter just by brushing! #client