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Friday, February 27, 2015

Family Fun with Big Hero 6 Movie Night

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Our family has been so excited for the release of Big Hero 6! Some of us got to see it in the theater, but the rest have been anxiously waiting for the DVD release, so we planned a big family movie night to watch it all together with lots of fun Big Hero 6 movie night ideas that we wanted to share!

When the big release day finally came this week, my girls and I headed to Target to pick up our entertainment for the night. It wasn't hard to find and we spotted it as soon as we walked into the store. I had some happy girls that were ready to check out already! Fastest trip ever! Ha!

It's always fun to make it a big night for everyone, so we made a few crafty snacks and a couple crafts too that the kids could do until my husband got home from work and we were ready to start the movie. The first thing we made was this fun Big Hero 6 pennant banner. It was so easy to make too! Here's a little tutorial on how you can DIY and make one of your own!

First thing I did was to go online and look for some coloring pages from Big Hero 6. 

We printed them out and then trimmed them up.

Then, we pulled out two or three colors of cardstock to back the coloring pages on and then cut them the shape and size that we wanted. I cut ours 5 1/2 inches by 6 inches. I took one of them separately and folded it in half, and cut a triangle out of the bottom of it. 

After that, I just placed that first one that I cut, on top of the others to use as a pattern. This way they all turned out the same size and shape. 

Then all we needed to do was glue the color pages onto the cardstock.

Next, we punched holes into the top corners of each one, and strung them next to each other on a string. 

We hung it up until our older kids came home from school, and then took it back down to let everyone help color them once they were home. 


Next thing we did was to make Baymax out of french bread dough. 

You can make your own dough from a recipe you have, OR you can make it easy (on everyone lol) and just buy some pre made dough from the store. I took our dough and split it into four pieces and we made a little Baymax out of each of those four sections. 

First we made his middle, then added his arms and legs. I love seeing the different ways they each came out. My three year old was so proud of hers and I had to smile when I looked at him. ;)

While the smaller ones went back to coloring, and the bread dough was baking, we quickly mixed up a marshmallow mixture (3 tablespoons butter and 4 cups mini marshmallows melted all together) and popped some popcorn. We were now going to make some white popcorn balls that we turned into...???  Baymax of course! Because who wouldn't want their own personal, huggable, health care provider, otherwise known as Baymax?! ;) We love Baymax! 

Again, these were so easy (and fast) to make. We just made the marshmallow mixture, added it to the popcorn and stirred, coated our hands with a little butter, and then shaped into Baymax's head. Last accessory was made with a little help from some black cardstock for his eyes. They stuck great without any extra help.

Finally! The coloring was done, and the banner was back up, the bread dough Baymaxes were done, and so were the popcorn balls. We had the movie and we were ready to sit and relax and push play. 

It was such a fun night. Everyone was happily busy, and my daughter exclaimed that it was the best movie night ever! haha Love nights like this with my family! What are some of your favorite movies to watch with your family? If you haven't seen Big Hero 6 yet, it should definitely be on your list!


David Dial said...

It looks like you guys had an awesome movie night! It's been a long, cold winter here in the Northeast, and I think a movie night might need to be in the works for this weekend. Thanks for sharing! #client

The Bergquist Fam said...

I love all the themed activities to make it a whole evening of fun :) said...

Your kids are so cute!

Michelle said...

Love the banner idea. Makes the whole house seem decorated for a movie night. Love how the kids got to help too. They always want to be apart of crafts.

kpp said...

so FUN!