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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Make your own Heart Cookie Cutter {DIY Valentines Day Treat}

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Do you just love super SOFT puffy sugar cookies? That's the ONLY way I like them! I posted a recipe previously (seen here) of a great recipe that is perfect for this kind of cookie! I love love love them!

Well, recently my daughter wanted to make some heart shaped sugar cookies. I thought, sure! So we started to get all of the ingredients out to make a "healthified" version of these sugar cookies. (My hubby can't have gluten and we, as a family are trying to avoid sugar right now too. These may not have been the right cookies to make then, right? Bwahaha) BUT, we made a great version of these and they turned out super soft still and even more puffy! YUM! (I'll share that later, but...)

We ran into ONE problem though as we got ready to cut the cookie shapes out...I didn't realize that I didn't have a heart cookie cutter. I had a turkey, pumpkin, Christmas tree, moon, star, Texas shape, Star Wars X Wing Fighter, Millennium Falcon, flower, haunted house, butterfly, and on and on...How did I not have a heart? (hee hee) So...I thought, surely we can make one...


But we did! Out of what?! Why, a tuna fish can of course! only took about 5 minutes!

So, here is how you make your own Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter!

1. Just grab a tuna fish can and open it with the kind of can opener that doesn't create sharp edges.

2. Wash it out really good.

3. Squeeze one side with your hands a bit to make a rounded point. (It doesn't take much, This will be the bottom of the heart,)

4. Mark the opposite side of that bottom point on the can with a Sharpie. (This will be the center at the top of the heart.)

5. Take something (like scissors) that has a hard edge and press down at that mark.

6. Then (with your hands), just shape the rounded tops on each side a bit more to be uniform on each side and you have a heart shape!

You're ready to roll now! ;)

And bake!

And decorate/frost!

So easy peasy! So, next time you think you need a heart shape...just grab a tuna fish can! ;)


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Nancy Phillips said...

love it!!

StephInOK said...

Love it! But how did you make the reipe healthier? Can you substitute butter for the margarine?

Misty said...

Super fun!

rpp said...

StephlnOK I'll post the healthified recipe for you soon! :) Thanks everyone!