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Friday, February 13, 2015

Photo Booth Valentines Box

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Happy {Almost} Valentines Day!

What's not to like about a day you are encouraged to share love? Personally, my husband and I don't make a huge deal out of Valentines Day. We know we love each other and let each other know that on a daily basis, but it's a fun day to celebrate that love too! AND the love of our kids! So, tell someone you love them. You never know how much it will mean to them!

I just wanted to share my daughter's Valentine box for this year. In the past, we have done a trash can, a minion, a Tiki Face, a robot, and so many others! BUT we were really creative this year and made....A PHOTO BOOTH! Complete with MICRO Photo Props too! I love all the little details in it. And we had fun creating it together!

(I had a hard time getting good lighting for pics, since we didn't finish it until late...true to me! lol But I just can't wait to share!)

You can see from the side that we used a show box and taped the lid on. Then we cut out the door to enter the photo booth. Then spray painted the outside of the box black.

We added the sign to the top on a piece of cardstock and I used my Silhouette to cut out vinyl for the words for the top sign and the sides of the photo booth. We also used keyrings to hang the curtain. Cut little slits in the top for the rings to go through and used a black colored pencil to hang it from. (Hot glued it to the box on the sides.)

The front we wanted to put a sign with something Valentines-y and we came up with this simple heart and the words "Get Your Valentine Photos Here" Then we added a little camera and a miniature version of the bookmark she is giving out for her Valentines. (We took pics of our dogs for this and my daughter had a lot of fun dressing them up! Ha!)

Then for the inside of the booth, came all of the really fun stuff! ...all the teeny tiny details that totally made it complete and so much fun!

We added a tiny version again of the little photo print out shown above, as if it was coming out of the booth camera. My daughter designed and drew the "camera" and screen. We painted it onto another little box that fit right inside the larger box. 
(Her Valentines can still be placed under and behind that.)

We also added a little bench and pink backdrop for the pics. 

And then my favorite...

The teeny tiny Micro Photo Props on toothpics. Not so fun to cut out, but totally worth it! 
Soooooo cute! We used a hairspray lid as a little bucket to put them in and glued the bottom of the bucket to the bench. I thought about gluing the props down too, but my daughter likes playing with them. (She also took some full size ones to play with as well (with her class at school).

And I love that the Valentines that she made and gave to classmates this year, went right along with her Valentine box theme! So much fun!

What is your All time favorite box you made? I think this might be mine, even though it's not really "mine" I remember making them as a kid, but don't remember much else about them. haha Well, hope you have a great Valentines Day weekend and feel loved. And don't forget...if you're looking for a great place to eat out, to check out this post here with suggestions of over 60 other blogger's best restaurant choices from all over the country!


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