Snow Day Party! ~ Create it. Go!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Snow Day Party!

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First off, let me say that I LOVE SNOW DAYS! Maybe it's because I lived in Texas and didn't see snow barely ever, but I LOVE SNOW DAYS! Now last year, it got to the point where we didn't want them anymore, but that's just because we didn't want our kids in school all summer to make up for them! haha But this year, we haven't had any really, so I say "Bring it on!"

BUT...what do you do with your restless kids on snow days? PARTY!!!

Whether you are having a party to try and wish the snow to come (like us this week...hoping for snow the next couple days!) OR whether you are stuck at home already in a blizzard with restless kids, I have the best Snow Day party ideas for you today. And the best part? I bet you already have everything you need for the party in your house right now!

So, it might take you about a half hour to set up, but it will also give you hours and hours of your kids NOT saying that they're bored! haha So get ready!

First, decide on your Party Central place. hee hee Make it inviting. Cut a few paper snowflakes and hang them up. (I bet you someone will already want to join in!) I used our table in our kitchen dining area, outlooking our backyard. Perfect place to watch the snow as it falls for us too.

Next, decide on some categories to set up at the table. I chose the following: Grub (Never a bad idea for kids haha), Create (Because at least I love to do this!), Warm Up (You've got to have this one for a Snow Day Party!), Target Practice (Because who doesn't like to make and throw paper airplanes?), Play Chef (It's always fun to make a batch of brownies or other goodies), Movie Madness (Could even go for a Movie Marathon!) and of course we had to have a Snowball Fight!

Then I gathered materials from around the house for each category. (Other categories that you could do are: Game Time, Origami, Crafts, Puzzles, Paper Football, and so many more. Just pick a few that you know your kids will like and that will keep them occupied for a bit. Because the point of this is to help provide ideas to keep them busy and HAPPY!)

For the Grub, I didn't want to overload them with sugar (because they can't always run around and burn it off on Snow Days (or on just plain cold Wanna Be Snow Days!), so I went with mainly popcorn, nuts, and a few other snacks. Just use whatever you have on hand.

For the Create area, I just gathered simple supplies to let the kids create...markers, crayons, glue, scissors, and paper.

Warm Up: Hot chocolate of course!

Target Practice: Easy one! Paper! And if you want to look up cool new airplanes to make online, that would be fun too. Set up a target (like my big snowflake shown OR have them make one with an old box) and join in on the fun!

Play Chef: Just throw out some easy mixes that your kids can make themselves or with a little help.

Movie Madness: Just pick out a few movies that they haven't seen in awhile and set them out. It's funny how they don't think of watching them until they are right in front of them as an option.

And Snowball Fight: If you have real snow, head outside for a bit! Sled, play and/or have a snowball fight! If you don't have real snow, gather your cotton balls and go at it! It's really hilarious and pretty fun actually. Our family loves this!

I promise this will work. Just set it all up together, and it will end up being a gathering place for the day and the kids will come back and forth doing things from your Snow Party Set Up. So much fun and keeps everyone busy (not bored!) and happy!

So whether you are hoping for snow, or tired of snow, make it a Snow Day Party and have fun!


Nancy Phillips said...

love it! love it! Lots of options and everyone active!