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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cheesecake Bites Recipe Topped with DOVE® Fruit

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Hello there Blogland Friends! It's a rainy day here at my house and the perfect day to stay inside and try out a new recipe!

Recently I posted about how I have made some new habits over the past year, that have helped and impacted my journey to a better me. I wanted to follow up a bit on that today and share one of my top tips to helping anyone succeed with ANY goal that they may have in life AND share a recipe that I use when I want to indulge or celebrate my successes!

It's really quite simple! Even the Boys Scouts know my top tip to success. ;)
 Be prepared! Think ahead! Plan.

When I don't plan ahead and prepare (whether for a lesson I am teaching, for meal planning, or anything), I never do as well. In fact, I often feel like I take a step backwards, rather than forwards when it has to do with my goals, when I don't have any preparation. This was one thing I learned to do even moreso this past year. In order to succeed and move forward, I had to think ahead! 

I even made this little printable word art, that I am sharing for free with you today! 
(Just print it out as is or copy and paste and make it the size of your choice. Free for non commerical use only.) I hang it up in my kitchen, and it helps to remind me that where I want success...I need to plan for it!

Well...I love dried fruit and I love any kind of chocolate, but especially dark chocolate! This combination is perfect in DOVE® Fruit snacks. DOVE® Fruit snacks are definitely a better-for-you snack alternative than some I would have chosen in the past. It's so easy to just get so so busy with everyday life and running around, that we forget to plan ahead with food. Then when we get hungry, we are just tempted to grab and eat anything that is convenient...OR whatever is closest to you! Ha! So I really try and plan ahead more with my food. 

I pre-cut and bag up fresh veggies that I can grab and take with me. I make sure I keep lots of choices that are good-for-you items on our grocery list. That way we all have good choices everyday. It's no fun to eat the same thing every day. So make sure you have choices when shopping! Walmart is my go to place for lots of shopping choices and where I picked up the ingredients for the recipe I'm sharing today.

I also make a menu every Sunday night for the week. The last thing I do is I like to have a couple items on hand, for when I want to indulge a bit, that are better-for-me than others. This lets me be realistic and still succeed! DOVE® Fruit  is one of them! In fact, I'm going on a girls weekend away with a few friends this year, and I know that DOVE® Fruit snacks will definitely make the trip! ;) 
(Plus, I have a coupon below for you to save a dollar! Always a plus!)

So, today I'm sharing with you a quick little indulgent snack recipe with DOVE® Fruit snacks.
They're really so good on their own, but it's always fun to spend a little time in the kitchen too!

DOVE® Fruit Cheesecake Bites
Recipe and Instructions:

Graham Cracker Crust 
(or you can use a tart crust as well)
1 1/2 cups crushed graham crackers (I just threw mine in my Ninja (or food processor)
5 T unsalted, melted butter
2 T sugar (or Stevia)

Mix together by hand with a spoon until crumbly looking.

Then spoon into the bottom of a mini muffin/tart pan and press down with a spoon/fork/tart shaper. (The amount you place in each one really depends on how much crust you like on the bottom of your cheesecake.) I used a tart shaper to press it down and it worked great!

Cheesecake Filling
Then prepare your favorite cheesecake filling of your choice. Mix until thick.
(You can make it from scratch OR from a mix. It's going to be yummy either way!)

Then spoon/scoop your cheesecake filling onto your graham cracker crust. Smooth out the top, by dipping a spoon in milk, then spreading around the top, to fill the pan. Chill in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

(Optional step: After the cheesecake bites are chilled, drizzle caramel or a fruit topping over the top. AND tip of the day! Drizzle them while they are still in the pan, so that way the mess stays there, when you pull them out!)

Once chilled, then top with your yummy DOVE® Fruit Cherries and serve...or indulge! ;) Celebrate those everyday successes!

(These are also perfect to freeze and pull out as single serving little indulgent treats! 
Perfect for planning ahead.)

So yummy!

If you want to see more great DOVE® Fruit recipe ideas, head on over to the DOVE® Fruit social hub to check out all of the yummy options!  AND I also have my very own coupon to share with you today! I AM definitely a coupon lovin' girl! And this one can save you a dollar on your next DOVE® Fruit puchase.

 Today I shared some of my secrets to success and some favorite indulgences. I hope they help you to reach your own goals and inspire you a bit to plan ahead. Now, tell me...What's your favorite way to indulge a little? And any advice you have on succeeding? I'd love to hear from you!


Hobbies on a Budget said...

I agree that it is so important to plan ahead. I find that if I start a day with no real purpose on what I want to accomplish, I will get to the end and have done little bits of nothing. This is a great habit to have (and a tasty snack to indulge in as well! #client said...

I'm a planner too! It's always good to have a plan. Annnnd I plan on making these! Yum! They look delicious. :)