DIY {Easter} Jumprope Banner/Garland Tutorial ~ Create it. Go!

Monday, March 16, 2015

DIY {Easter} Jumprope Banner/Garland Tutorial

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It's not official yet, that is officially spring, but I took down the rest of my winter decorations this past weekend. I no longer wanted my "Let it Snow" banner longer wanted more snow. haha

I turned out some music as I took everything down and danced around as I created and came up with a new more "springy" look. haha I had grabbed this cute little Easter jumprope at my local dollar store, a week or two ago, and thought it would be the perfect base to a new banner/garland for my fireplace mantle. So fun and festive!

It was a little bright, (understatement), so I decided to tone it down a bit with some pastel designer paper and some kraft colored paper. 

It really was super simple. ANYONE can make this one! 

DIY {Easter} Jumprope Banner/Garland Tutorial 

First thing to do:

Just pick out a few different patterned designer paper that goes together. I took a scrap peice of paper and cut out a triangle as my template. Then I used my template to cut triangles out of all of my pattern paper:

Next, grab a regular sized home punch and punch all the corners.

Then I took my cut out kraft paper bunnies (which I cut out on my Silhouette, BUT you can also find fun paper cut outs in your craft stores too!) and taped them onto each triangle. I just placed them on randomly,

Next, I hung my jumprope up. 

Then I grabbed some various ribbon (about 6 inches long) and started tying my triangles onto the jumprope. I alternated the colors of ribbon, but you could do all the same color too if you wanted. I needed a splash of color to tie in my jumprope BRIGHT pink bunny handles though. :)

I tied the first ribbon on to the end. 
Then I tied the next one on, and used the same ribbon for both triangles that were touching at that point. I continued doing the same until all of my triangles were up.

See how cute and festive it is?

You actually don't see a whole lot of the actual rope from the jumprope, but it's just enough to see that it is a jumprope, showing the handles and some rope at the ends. If you want more rope showing, just tie your triangles on separately and leave some rope showing in between each one.

 Top view:

No matter how you put it together, it's super easy, super fun AND only costs a dollar or two and a wee bit of time. AND now, those daffodils can start showing up! I'm ready for spring!


Sheena Anderson said...

I love this, such a great idea with the jump rope.