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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

DIY Kids Crafts; Crazy Fun Pencil Toppers


Do you ever get stumped on what to do for kids' birthdays? Tired of getting the same kind of gifts? Tired or spending an arm and a leg? Well, here's a little inexpensive, fun, and EASY idea for you!

For my daughter's recent 5th birthday, we tried to think of a few homemade craft ideas that we could do for her.Often times, like to give kids craft kits as a gift, that they can do on their own, but for this one, we made it ahead of time. And she LOVED it! ( well as my 9 year old and 3 year old daughter. Looks like we'll be making more!) haha

Keep on reading to see how to make some!

And all you need to make this little DIY craft/gift for kids is:
1. yarn 
2. a pencil or two 
3. googly eyes. 

(I used hot glue as well to put it all together.)

They're so so easy too! 

1. Just take your yarN and start wrapping it around your free hand. 
(I wrapped it around mine about 20+ times.)
2. Then take it off and it will be a group of loops. Take a smaller piece of yarn and tie it in a knot, around the middle of the large group of loops. 
3. Then cut both ends of the loops, so that it is just a large pom-pom. Fluff it up, and glue it on your pencil top.
5. Then add some eyes.

 It's just THAT easy!

Throw in a notebook and any kid will LOVE it! It kept this one occupied for quite awhile and her big sister even had to borrow one to take to school the same day. ;) You can change the colors of the yarn to boys colors and they'll think they are little monster pencils and will love them just as much!

For the next one, you do the same, except you only cut one end of the loop and leave the other as it is. Then glue your pencil top up into the bottom loop.

 She loves making the hair straight, twisting the pencil, and then making the hair crazy. (Who else remembers having pencils, as a kid, that used to do this? I DO! hee hee)

 So much fun for just a dollar or two! And so many smiles! Great little gift or afternoon craft activity. 


Sheena said...

I love those!! I am sure my children would too. said...

These are awesome!

Nancy Phillips said...

Cute! Simple! Fun!