DIY Outdoor Porch Sign/Wreath Post Tutorial ~ Create it. Go!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

DIY Outdoor Porch Sign/Wreath Post Tutorial

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It's Thursday, do you know that means?! It's almost Friday! haha I'm always ready for a day to sleep in a bit! ;)

Well, today I'm excited to share a little tutorial with you on how I made this outdoor porch sign post that you have seen me post over the past few months. It has to be one of my favorite DIY's. And I love using it daily and being able to change it up so easily!

They are great to hang different forms our word art or welcome signs,

OR to even hang your wreaths on! 

Either way, you can have a lot of fun with them!

Either way, it's great and you can use it for years! 
(AND you don't have to try and drill or nail into brick or siding.)

So....this is how I made this little DIY gem:

DIY Outdoor Porch Sign/Wreath Post Tutorial

For the main pole/post:
I grabbed a 4x4 wood post and cut it to be 43 inches long.

For the base:
I cut three squares that were three different sizes (8 inches square, 10 inches square, and 12 inches square), and did a simple routered top edge on all three. The top two squares, we cut a square hole in the middle that the post then fit through, as we put it together. Then we screwed the post to the very bottom square base. We screwed it from the bottom of that bottom square piece of wood (which didn't have a hole). 

Then I took the top decorative pieces (that I bought as two separate pieces at my local home improvement store) and I screwed them all together. 
(Another option is to buy a 4x4 post that has a decorative top already on it in the fence section.)

Last detail...
The hook was just a dollar plant hanger I bought at my local dollar store. I screwed that into the side of the 4x4 post, and spray painted the whole thing black. 

(I wish I had thought to take pictures of the whole process as I did it. Sorry. BUT, it's pretty straight forward. I think you can do it from this.)
And threw it out front! Love!

They can even work to take on photoshoots and to have a chalkboard hang from OR even indoors with countdowns and other fun decor.

Perfect for a Mother's Day gift even. Sometimes it's hard to find something that my mom doesn't have or need, and this would be great! Then just make a spring wreath or a couple new custom signs, and I'm sure she will love! Now, if only I lived closer to my mom, so I could really do this! lol What's your favorite DIY project that you can use daily? They're the best kinds!


Sheena Anderson said...

So cute!! I made a similar post last year to hang my garden hose on.

rpp said...

Great idea!

Penne Norris said...

Oh, mercy me! I can't get to Home Depot fast enough to get the supplies. I LOVE this! Thanks for sharing. :)