Easter Egg Marble Painting Kids Craft ~ Create it. Go!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Easter Egg Marble Painting Kids Craft

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Hello there from a house full of sickies over their spring break. Ugh. No fun! 

So I had to kick it up a notch, since many of our plans have been foiled! {sigh} So, I pulled out the makings of an easy kids craft to make the younger ones a little more happy. (Didn't really do it for the 15 year old, but he's one of the sickies anyway...)

My older son learned to marble paint years ago and it is STILL a favorite for my kids! 
And it's so easy! 

All you really need is three things:
1 -a little paint
2- a couple of marbles 
(or "narbles" as my 3 year old calls them. lol)
3- and paper

That's it!

Marble Painting Tutorial:

Take your paper and place it in a box or container that will keep a marble in with it.

We cut our paper into Easter egg shapes for fun to hang up on a garland after we were done. But you can leave them rectangle or do them any shape.

Then dip your marble into some paint. Place the marble into the box with your paper. And then move and tilt your box (or container you chose) around, so that the marble rolls around. You can do more than one marble and color at the same time even!

The kids always think it's fun and it's always neat to see the unique designs and colors on each marble painting! Perfect little kids craft for a rainy day...or any day! Give it a try then next time you have some sickies or some kids claiming to be bored. haha

Hope you're all enjoying some spring weather!