Edible Earthworms {with Jello} Tutorial ~ Create it. Go!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Edible Earthworms {with Jello} Tutorial

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I have to say I am so excited to share this fun post today! hee hee

How about that picture?!! hahaha 
They look so real, don't they?! 
Well, they're not. I PROMISE! hee hee 
They're made from jello!

My son picked worms to study for science class, and we needed to make a replica of a worm for him to take to school, so this is what we did! And they were a huge hit! Well, kinda...haha Some of the girls in his class were a little squeamish and would have nothing to do with them! Ha!

They're perfect just for fun, to go along with some science lessons or some food fun, summer or spring break boredom busters, and for April Fool's Day too! They're almost even more creepy to see someone eating them in person too! Ha!

BUT, they're so fun (Really!) and so easy! 
Here's a little simple tutorial to make your own:

Edible Earthworms {with Jello} Tutorial

First get a vase, (or a square, paper milk carton or something similar) that will hold a bunch of straws. Take a large bunch of bendy straws (you want the bendy kind and you don't want the really skinny ones...they won't work!) and fill your container as tight as you can with the straws standing up. (I also put a rubber band around mine to help as well.)

Put banana slices in the bottom of your jar. Then place your straws in and push the bottom of the straws into the bananas. The bananas will work as a plug to keep the jello in the straw.

Mix up a package of jello, using the instructions for making jigglers. (Or make a regular recipe for jello and add some extra gelatin.) I used some purple (grape) jello Then we added a bit of green food coloring as well, until we got a color that we thought was the most realistic looking. (Don't add too much or it will affect the amounts of gelatin needed.)

Pour the jello into your straws. Some of it will also go around the straws and sides. No worries. Just make sure that the straws fill up as well.

Put it in the refrigerator for the amount of time suggested from the Jello mix. Then pull it out and pull the straws out. They'll look like this:

Then one at a time, start to gently slide the jello out of each straw. If they aren't coming out easily, you can rinse the outside of the straw with some warm water. Then they should come out easier. Usually you just have to get them started a bit, and then they slide right out. 

Now, the dirt...it's just Oreos crushed super finely. So, literally everything you see in the pictures is not only edible, but actually yummy! haha

The easiest way to get them this fine, is in a food processor. (I used my ninja.) You can also do it the old fashioned way and put them in a large ziploc and take a rolling pin over the bag over and over again.

It was fun for the kids to help, and to see the worms start one by one, piling up. 
They were loving it!

By the time we were done emptying the straws (I just did as many straws as I could fit in the vase), this is what we had: 

She was pretty funny about them. Do you see how she was holding it?

This one had no problem eating them! hahaha

 My son took a bunch to school, and then we kept a bit, and put it in the fridge.
By the end of the day, the moisture from the worms had made the Oreo crumbs look wet and muddy like, as seen in the picture below. Even more realistic. Fun little food experiment for the kids.

What do you think? Would you eat these if someone SWORE that they were Oreos and Jello? ;)