Rainbow Balloon Arch on Pot of Gold Snacks DIY ~ Create it. Go!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Rainbow Balloon Arch on Pot of Gold Snacks DIY

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 Don't you just love finding fun and super easy/simple little holiday snacks? Most of us don't have the time (even if we want to) to make snacks that take us hours and hours of shopping and creating and working. Now do we have the energy on top of all that to get the end product of something extravagant. BUT...this one ANYONE can do! And you can do it for about $5 max and in about 15 minutes max too. AND all you need is three items! It's a winner!

It's always fun to surprise your kids, or your co-workers, or a friend, with a little festive something. We like to do something fun for St. Patrick's Day, just because...AND there is a fair amount of Irish in my hubby's family too, so that makes it even more fun to celebrate. This year, I came up with this Pot of Gold Snacks with a Rainbow Arch over the pot. It turned out so fun and sooooo soooo easy! And it looks awesome and impressive! So here's a little tutorial for you to make your own!

Rainbow Balloon Arch on Pot of Gold Snacks DIY

All you need is:

1) A black pot with a handle (to hold your gold).
You can find these at almost any dollar store at this time of year...or at Halloween. (But you'll have to wait awhile for that time of year. lol)

2) A package of small balloons.
I just picked up a bag of water balloons at the dollar store as well.

3) A snack to put in your pot.
I used butter popcorn and Gold nuggets for ours, but you could also make some caramel popcorn, gold chocolate coins, or put just about any snack in there.

That's it!

Now to assemble it all...

1) I think it's easiest to fill up your pot first. You don't want to fill it too full or the balloons won't fit over the pot.

2) Blow up 4 balloons of every color that you are going to use. I blew up 4 balloons each of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

3) Tie two balloons of same colors together. Then tie the other two of the same color together,

4) Then take those two groups of two balloons and twist them together at the neck. Do Step 3 and 4 to all the balloons that you have blown up. You should then have a cluster of 4 balloons of each color.

5) Take one cluster at a time and twist at the neck of the balloon cluster, around the handle of the pot, to attach the balloons to the pot handle. Do this for each cluster until you have all of the balloons attached to the Pot of Gold Handle and it fans over the pot like a rainbow.

TaDa! You have a super easy and fast pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Perfect for St Patrick's Day treats, parties, fun lunches at work, or even for birthdays. And you can always change up the snack inside and the color of the balloons too!

What's your favorite easy and impressive snack to make? I love ones that aren't always full of sugar and that are fun and colorful for my kids.


kpp said...

I think I might be able to pull this one off! So fun and looks great. Thanks!