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Thursday, March 5, 2015

St Patricks Day Lucky Rainbow Wreath {with Pot of Gold}

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It's been a week of St. Patrick's Day fun and crafts at my house! AND I have one last one to share with you this morning. This one is another easy one that requires only a few items again. If you have a stash of craft items and/or fabric scraps (like me!), you may even have everything you need to make this one already!

My poor sad door and entryway to my house was looking so neglected ever since the Christmas decorations came down, and then then Valentines came down. I've never had outside St Patrick's Day decorations, but I decided this year I WAS going to have some! So, I rummaged through my fabric scraps for colorful fabric that were the colors of the rainbow. And then grabbed some black and green felt and a little tulle. I had a couple of wreath forms in my stash too, that I had never used. All I needed now was a half hour?, a little string, and a glue gun. (That sounds like a blog name! Ha!) And I came up with this St Patricks Day Lucky Rainbow Wreath {with Pot of Gold}! Love the color on my front door, especially in the middle of the white snowy background around my house today.

Whether you hang it from a sign post or from your front door or even inside your house, it's tons of fun and a pop of color!

St Patricks Day Lucky Rainbow Wreath {with Pot of Gold}
First thing you need to do, is grab your wreath form and fabric. Measure out a strip of each color of fabric that can wrap around the wreath and still have a few inches hanging out away from the wreath. (Every wreath is a different size, so it's hard for me to tell you exactly how long you will want your fabric.)
I added a strip of white tulle in between each of my colors as well, to have a bit more texture and fun to it. 
Then grab your string and tie each strip of fabric together as you wrap each one around the top of the wreath. This is what it looks like from the back:

The grab your black fabric (I used felt, bc that's what I had on hand.), and wrap it around the bottom of your wreath form and hot glue it on the back.

Then I grabbed some gold tulle that I had and looped it around my hand a bunch of times. Cut one end loose and tied the bottom with a string to keep it all together at one end. Then I hot glued that end to the back of the wreath form, at the bottom, so that it looked like it was coming out of the "pot".

So, grab some of those fabric scraps (or even some ribbon!), and make this simple and colorful Lucky Rainbow Wreath to give your house some good luck!


Emily @ Two Purple Couches said...

I love your rainbow wreath idea!! So cute! Thanks for linking up at Creative Spark. Hope you'll join us again today :)