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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Best Mother's Day Gifts EVER!

Just wanted to share a few different little DIY Mother's Day gift ideas with you today. I know that I am always looking for new ideas, sometimes meaningful ones, sometimes simple ones, and other times just really unique ones. So I decided to ask around with a few moms I know and see what the best Mother's Day gift they ever got was. It was fun to hear back from everyone, and I wanted to share. So here you go!

Best Mother's Day Gift I Ever Received:
A clean house!

kids "prints" fingers print flowers...hand print art etc...

2 hr massage or a Merry Maids

For the kids to get along (my mom used to say she wanted this one too and we would just roll our eyes. NOW I understand!) lol

potted flowers

more handprint and handdrawn art 
(Mothers are a sucker for these!)

A Mother's necklace

Photo books with pics and stories of the kids, 
complete with pics of letters from the kids to moms in their own handwriting!

Sleeping in + a mid morning breakfast in bed 

A gift card to Barnes and noble and being kicked out of the house to go drink coffee and read alone all afternoon. I know that's not all warm and fuzzy but it's truly what I needed. Sometimes moms need a break (Agreed!)

No cooking or dishes for the whole day!

I could seriously go for any of these!

For me personally, my best mother's day gift was one that my husband did for me the first year I was a mother. My son was obviously an infant still, and my husband took post it notes. and wrote on them as if he was my son, for all of the things that my son was thankful for me for. He then put them randomly all over the house. I still was finding them a couple days the fridge, in the cupboards, etc. I loved it! Something that didn't cost anything, but a little time, and a lot of thought and love. My fav!

Another favorite little DIY project I made one year that would be perfect for a Mother's Day gift are these fun little stools. I made tehm a c

They are still so fun and one of my all time favorite projects. kids have called dibs on them for when I pass away. lol

I'd love to hear some of your most memorable or favorite Mother's Day gifts! And I always love hearing new ideas to gift my mother with!