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Thursday, April 9, 2015

DIY Miniature Working Fairy/Smurf Garden

I love looking at all of the fun ideas on Pinterest, although I have gotten pickier about what I pin. Because, let's face much of what you pin, do you actually use? I do love the inspiration though.

I've seen some really fun things done with the trunks of trees to make them look like little gnome homes, and other people that make little fairy gardens with broken pots and more. Well, I was watching my daughter the other day with her watering can, and I thought how cute her can would be to make it look like a little house! And I KNOW she would love planting a little garden around it too.

It was really so easy and fun! 

DIY  Miniature Working Fairy/Smurf Garden
All you need to make your own is:

Large pot
Watering can
Duck tape or vinyl
Small low plants/flowers
Optional: Wood chips, twigs, small pebbles/rocks, and other accessories

Fill your pot with soil and place your home/can in the pot to see where it will sit.
Plant your flowers on either side of the front of the home. I used small little pebbles to line a walkway as well.

 I also added a few wood chips to add to one side of the garden to look like a tree stump. 

On the other side of the garden, I picked up a tiny little canvas and easel and added it to the garden as well. I used some Crayola watercolors and painted some little flowers similar to the ones in the garden. 

Then the last thing I did, was to decorate the watering can. I wanted to keep it simple, so that she could still use it to water with, so for this, I just freehand cut some simple door and window designs from vinyl or duck tape, and added them to the front of the can. The last thing I decided to do was to add a little "hello" with a sharpie onto the little front door. So fun! 

It seriously doesn't take long at all to put together, and you can do it all for around $10-$15 too. SO cute! And she has been having a ton of fun playing with her smurfs in it! They fit perfectly!

Initially I thought of planting something directly into the can, but decided against it, because she LOVES using it to water our garden. So we decided to make a Miniature Working Fairy/Smurf Garden, because you can still pull out the watering can and use it. Then you just place it back into the larger pot when you're done! 



Nancy Phillips said...

Great fun for any young (even at heart) one!!

Michelle said...

Love how simple yet magical this is!

Jennifer said...

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