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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter, From our Home to Yours #BecauseHeLives

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I just wanted to share a bit with you on Easter, from our home, to yours.

We love having a large family. We love doing things together. We hike, play games, have movie marathons, are active in sports, play at the park, have a garden, work together, cry together, pray together, and even argue together. Ha!

We aren't perfect. But, we don't need to be. #BecauseHeLives
Christ, our Savior and elder brother, was willing to sacrifice so much, because he loves us all and wants us all to be able to return to heaven someday. His mission on this Earth was for us. Then after his great sacrifice, miraculously and through God's divine love, Jesus Christ was resurrected. That's why we celebrate Easter. We celebrate the life of Christ, his example, his love for us, and his life after death.

His resurrection from the dead, is the reason we can feel him in our home today. #BecauseHeLives

Here is a short little Easter video that I invite you to watch and to share with your friends and families. I love how powerful and simple it is. It's beautiful. 
(Click on the picture below to see this 2 minute video.)

There are also great little snippets to read daily this week, leading up to Easter.

I am so thankful that Christ lives. I am thankful to feel of his love and Spirit among our family and in our home. I am thankful that he atoned for my sins, so that I can live after death and can continue to be with my family for eternity. I love my Savior and brother, Jesus Christ, and know that he is here. He is in my heart. He is in my home. He is in the car with me as I drive to soccer practice, and to scouts, and gymnastics. He is in my prayers at night and every morning. He is with my children at school each day. He is in the sunrise and the sunset. He is here. Because He lives.