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Monday, April 13, 2015

Meet Man's Best Friend (Or Rather OUR Family's BFF) and Make a DIY Dog Treat Jar {Plus a FREE printable!}

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You always hear the phrase that a dog is Man's Best Friend. Well, I have to say that our dogs are our Family's BFF, as my daugher would say. haha You've probably seen our dogs on some of my other posts, but I just wanted to officially introduce them as part of our family, and share a little puppy love today with a DIY Dog Treat Jar AND a fun free printable! So keep reading to see how you can make your own Dog Treat Jar for under $10 as well as get that free printable!!

Meet Sophie and Butercup!

Sophie is our boxer and is almost 3. We got her when she was one year old, and have loved her from Day 1. (This is the first day we got her:)

She fits into our family perfectly! 

Buttercup, our pug just turned 3 a couple months ago. We've had her for a little over a year now. She cracks us up and keeps us smiling and laughing. We LOVE our pets and can't imagine life without them!

I remember as a kid, sitting outside with my dog (He was a Beagle, named Bugle Boy. haha). I would literally talk to him at times...about day, my frustrations, anything! He was happy to sit and listen as I rambled on. OR he was happy to just sit quietly with me. I shared my ice cream cones with him, my happiness, my sadness, my love for him, and he loved me back unconditionally and forever. I always wanted the same for my kids; to have that best friend in a pet. And now I love seeing that same relationship with my kids and our dogs each day. I love how easy it is to show love for our pets. It's good for us AND for the dogs. Pets can soften your heart and teach your heart to love more. I l love how our dogs change whose bed they sleep in at night and how the kids take turns with them as well. They ALL want one of our dogs in their bed with them, but we are NOT getting 5 dogs. Ha!

With the nicer and warmer weather here, I think our dogs have been itching to get out as much as our kids have! haha Our boxer, Sophie, loves to be outside. She likes to play soccer with the kids, jump on the trampoline, and she LOVES running through the water (and SNOW!) when we take her camping and hiking with us! 

She likes to just sit outside on our trampoline, and put her face up to feel the wind.

She sits there daily when the kids are at school. But once, she hears the bus coming, she's up and waiting at the fence. She knows what time of day to expect her kids to get home and to play with her! She doesn't like to be alone or closed in, and is the most obedient dog I have ever seen. She wants to please. Boxers are amazing family dogs!

Buttercup loves food and loves to dig! When we took her to the lake, she just kept going in the lake and getting a rock off the bottom of the lake, and then would bring it back to shore and bury it. She did this over and over and even attempted to retrieve a HUGE rock. haha 

She chases her tail and likes to cuddle. She likes to curl up on your lap, and is rarely in her own dog bed. In fact, I'm not sure why we have two dog beds, because most of the time, the dogs sleep together in just one of their dog beds, when they are inside during the day. Buttercup is not quite as (ahem...) smart? as Sophie. haha But she sure is fun! 

She likes to go on walks, and run laps around our yard. And she is great company for Sophie, who used to climb our privacy fence before Buttercup came to our family. Now they both happily stay INSIDE the fence, which makes US happy too! Ha!

Having a dog and loving them means taking care of them too. We always hear, that we are what we eat. Well, it isn't any different for our pets. 

As I have learned more and more about myself, and what is good for me, it has spread to learning more about what is best for our family and our pets as well. We try to eat clean as a family. So of course, we want as close as we can get to the same for our pets as well. Have you ever noticed your dog laying about as if he doesn't feel well, after he's eaten something? Watch him/her the next time they try something new. Often we don't take the time and don't see it, but the food you feed your dog DOES affect them. I loved recently finding these new Nudges® Grillers or Sizzlers as I was shopping at Walmart. 

They are "Real-Food Inspired" high quality treats, that are natural, with no artificial preservatives. They have real meat as the #1 ingredient and our dogs LOVE them! They're perfect for those times we want to reward them for the new tricks they are learning, for good behavior, or just for that unconditional love they so willingly give you 24/7.The Nudges® brand is about rewarding the unconditional love your dog gives you with treats you can trust. It's about celebrating the love you share, love that deserves to be rewarded.

We tried a couple different flavors of Nudges® Grillers or Sizzlers, the Beef Grillers and the Beef and Cheese Sizzlers, and our dogs liked them both equally as much as the other, especially Buttercup! It's her cake and icing! haha They also have new Jerky Cuts value size (36oz) at Walmart as well.

After finding these Nudges® Grillers or Sizzlers, I thought it would be fun to make a little DIY dog treat jar to keep them in as well. So today, I wanted to share with you, how you can make one too!

First thing you need is the jar. I found mine for just a few dollars at Walmart. If you already have something that will work, I would definitely use that and spend less $. (That's always a good thing!) OR you can look for a container that would work at a craft or dollar store.)

Next, decide on what you want on your jar. I thought it would be fun to personalize it to my own dogs and chose to just add a few words and their own paw prints. So, I took them outside, with some paint, and brushed just a little paint onto their paws and carefully pressed their paws onto my jar. 

 Let it dry, and then you're ready to add any other finishing touches or words that you may want on your jar. I used adhesive backed vinyl shapes and letters, which you can order online. OR you can buy some stencils, duct tape, or sticker letters that would also work.

Then all you need to do is fill them with your favorite dog treats, and...


So cute sitting on the counter, by your back door. or on the porch. It's FUNctional...AND more love for our BFFs! AND if you need to take some for those walks and hikes...just paint a little paw on a little cloth bag as well, and you have a To-Go Dog Treat Bag too!

ANNNND...Here's that free printable for you! Print, frame and make sure to enjoy your furry friends!

(Not for commercial use. Personal use only.)

I've enjoyed sharing more of our pets and our family with you today, so now it's your turn. What pets do you have? And what is your favorite activity that you do with your pets?


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