Top Post: Graduation Gift to Inspire ~ Create it. Go!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Top Post: Graduation Gift to Inspire

I have fun coming up with different ideas all year long and am always surprised at what seems to get the most hits. But this one, I still love and can use!

Want to know my most visited post of all time? It was titled Graduation Gift to Inspire and it was super fun to make and to give to my nieces. You can find it here on my blog.

I had two nieces graduation from high school the same year and wanted to come up with something that would be useful, but that was also fun and had a bit of inspiration for them in the gift as well. So I gathered a bunch of different items and put them all together to get this!

It had all kids of fun things in the laundry basket for them to discover. Some useful like a little sewing kit or first aid kit, others fun for snacks and or to put up in their apartments/dorm rooms, like this:

No matter what you di, you can make this gift even more personal but adding some of the graduates favorites in there. You can also add words of advice from several family members by having everyone contribute. So much fun to give AND to receive! And so much fun to watch the graduates face, as they pull each item out and read it. 

You can find the whole list of what is inside my basket, and more ideas on the original post here.

What was your favorite gift as a graduate? And which one ended up being the most useful or the most meaningful?