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Thursday, May 14, 2015

DIY Card Table Playhouse Slipcover

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Today I want to share with you this fun DIY Card Table Playhouse Slipcover. It's such a simple and fun idea, that can be made with just some basic sewing knowledge.

My mom made this for one of my daughter's for her birthday a few years ago, and it is still a favorite to get out. (Aren't grandmas the best?!) It's basically a playhouse, made out of fabric, that slides right over the top of a card table. So the card table provides the framing for the house. This makes it so easy to store, because everything can be taken down and folded up and put away in the closet. I love the way it can be stored in such little space, but still provides a large fun playhouse.

You basically just need to make 4 large squares that are the dimensions of the sides of your cardtable/ Then you need one more square for the top of the cardtable. You decide how you want each square decorated...if you want windows, animals or flowers sewn on, shutters, a door, maybe a mailbox, or so many more fun ideas that you can incorporate!

You want to finish each square separately...cut out the door, etc. before you sew the whole thing together. Then after each side of the house is done, you just sew together your 4 large squares in a row that will go on the sides of the house. Then sew the top onto them and sew that last side to the first side. And there you have it! So, just need to be able to sew straight lines to make this fun DIY Card Table Playhouse Slipcover! You can do it!

It's perfect to use indoors on those rainy days where they kids need something to occupy them OR for fun outside on those nice days where the kids just want to hang out outside all day in the backyard! We absolutely love it!

And the dogs even join in the fun as well sometimes. Ha! BUT...they don't really care to use the doors. Which puts my kids in fits of giggles! Good times!

See through the window at the giggles going on inside? Ha! The first pup went out through the mailbox and it worked just fine for her. Not working quite as well for the second pup. Ha!


Sheena Anderson said...

Lol..I am giggling at the pup too!!

Catherine Holt said...

How fun is this. What kids don't love a playhouse!!