DIY Lucky Clover Glass Pendant Necklace ~ Create it. Go!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

DIY Lucky Clover Glass Pendant Necklace

Happy End of School to everyone with kids out there! I'm so excited to not have to wake my kids up so early every morning and to get into our summer routine!

Today I wanted to show you this fun little DIY glass pendant necklace I made! All you need is the glass tile, the hook for the tile to attach to the chain, the chain, some diamond glaze (all of which I got on etsy), and then a four leaf clover and some paper for the background (which is actually totally optional. It also is fun as a floating clover on the glass tile.)

 I have a couple kids that seem to have a knack for finding four leaf clovers. 

They even found a FIVE leaf clover!

In fact, between the two of them, they found over twenty one afternoon, just looking in the grass at a park. 

So I took them home, placed them between some wax paper and slipped them into a book for about a month, to flatten them. Then...what to do with them??? I came up with this fun pendant necklace, to carry that luck around! Ha!

There are tutorials all over the place on how to make these glass tile pendant necklaces. But it's really easy. You just cover the tile with the diamond glaze and then place clover down. Then do the same again and place your background paper down. Let it dry and attach the hook! That's it!

This is perfect for a graduation gift as the graduate is getting ready to leave, for Mother's Day (claiming that YOU are so lucky to have them as your mom), for St. Patrick's Day, for a birthday gift, as a keychain, and just for fun!

What do you do with four leaf clovers you find? I can never find them myself, but I love that my kids can!