DIY Mother's Day Gift: Keepsake Handprint Towel ~ Create it. Go!

Friday, May 8, 2015

DIY Mother's Day Gift: Keepsake Handprint Towel

I've got a quick little DIY Mother's Day Gift idea for you if you're still looking for some last minute ideas. And this one is super easy and quick, but a fun one to make and keep!

All you need for this one is a towel and some colored sharpies!

One of my favorite gifts I get from my kids are the ones that last forever, and that I can keep or even better, use all year, every year. Well this is one of those kind of gifts! A Keepsake Handprint towel.

You can trace your kids hands separately all over the towel, OR you can trace them one on top of the other like I did. From my oldest (age 15...HUGE hands!), to my youngest (age 3, cute little hands with a few little dimples left in them still!). 

 On the other end of mine, just for fun, my husband and I traced our own hands on top of each others too. Then we added the year and some initials to each hand.

No matter, what you do, it's a fun one that is easy and involves the kids, and one you can keep AND use! Perfect for a gift for grandma too!