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Monday, May 11, 2015

It's a Boy/Girl! {Faux} "Cigars" with Pirouettes

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend out there, especially all you women who celebrated your mothers and mothering others! Today, I am guest posting for Melissa over at the Silhouette School Blog here. I love all of her tips and tutorials and go to her site for any questions I have when using my Silhouette. So, come visit me over there today.

I also had something I wanted to share here today as well!

Do you know anyone having a baby soon? I think throwing baby showers can be so fun and I love it when it's a surprise if the baby is a boy or a girl and I love the different ways to celebrate that surprise. I used to think that the bubble gum cigars were so fun when they first came out years and years (and YEARS) ago! Ha! But I came up with another fun "cigar" replacement! 

I picked up some Hazelnut Pirouettes at the store, and decided they would make the perfect replacement, dipped in a bit of colored white chocolate or almond bark.

I melted my almond bark, and added some blue food coloring in one bowl, and some red food coloring in another bowl (to make pink). Then I dipped one end of the Pirouette in the melted almond bark and laid it on wax paper to dry. 

They turned out so fun and are perfect to have at baby showers or to have ready to had out after the baby makes it's debut!

So fun! And kid-friendly too! ;)

 So, next time you are hosting a shower, or know someone having a baby, whip up a bunch of these to hand out. They'll be a hit with everyone! 


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