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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

End of Year Teacher Gifts and Summer DIY Tshirts!

My kids were excited to be sporting these fun DIY Summer tshirts today (that we made last year for our summer vacation). SO SO excited for the last day of school today!

(If you want to see how we made them, you can see the original post here
They were tons of fun and easy DIY bleach tshirts.)

But they were even more excited to take a few end of year gifts to their teachers today. I love how my kids really WANT to give something back to their teachers and how they want to help with the idea of them and the making of them too!

We went for simple this year, because the more kids that I have in school, and the older they get, the more gifts we need! Ha! But this idea was super fun that we came up with and I love that the teachers can use the little school spirited, monogrammed jars for whatever they want later too!

We made these little tags that said, "I mint to tell you what a great teacher you have been!" or "I mint to tell you that I had a great year because of YOU!". 

Then we filled these little mason pint sized jars with all different kinds of mints. 
We used peppermint patties, Andes mints, soft peppermints, and hard peppermint and spearmint candies. 

Then we added the first letter of the teacher's last name on one side of the jar...
...and a school symbol on the other side.

We also threw in some cupcake wrappers on the top to decorate it up a bit, and threw on some baker's twine or jute string with the little tag. Simple, but fun, and I love that they can throw their pens and pencils in the jar to keep on their desk after, OR they can keep it as a jar of mints, or whatever they want. 

I am so thankful for all of the teachers in my children's lives, especially the ones that have truly built my kids up and made them feel valued. That is immeasurable to me! Happy Summer Break!