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Monday, June 22, 2015

Creative Way to give Money as a Gift {DIY Money French Fries}

Are you still looking for a fun and quick gift? Want something different? Well, I have the perfect little idea for you! And it's so fun and simple to put together!

 Just run to your local McDonald's,or any other place you want where you can pick up a fry box. (I bought a thing of fries and also asked for an extra box.) You can also pick up a gift card to go along with it if you want. I also asked for an extra bag to use as I gave the gift away in.

Then, go grab some cash. You want lots of bills, so if you are going to give $20, you may want to get 20 $1 bills. OR if you are giving $50 or $100, you may want to split it up into something like 10 $1 bills, a few fives and a couple of tens or twenties...or something like that.

Then all you need to do is to fold your dollar bills to look the same size and shape as french fries.

I figure out how tall I want my fries to be according to the fry box.

1. I fold the top of the dollar bill over first to that height. (And I vary the height I fold them all too, so it looks more realistic...well, it's not going to ever look realistic. haha)

2. Then I fold it in half.

3. I fold it in half again.

4. I open that last fold back up, and then fold one side into that center line.

5. Then I fold the other side into the center line as well.

And that's it! Take the folded dollar bill and help shape it into a rectangular cube with the folds that you made.

Then I start placing them into the fry box.

It's really so easy and doesn't take much time at all. It's creative and much more fun than just throwing some cash in an envelope.

I love taking the whole thing and throwing it in a bag from the store where your fry box is from. That way when you give it to them, it just looks like you picked up a bag of fast food for them. It's pretty funny when you go to give them their gift and their face is like, "Oh! You're giving my McDonalds? Umm...ok...thanks." lol

OR you can just grab a fun little bag to wrap it up this one with the cellophane front that we threw one more dollar in behind the cello.

I love adding a thing of real fries in the bag too OR a gift card for birthdays, or almost any occasion! The gift card is great for graduates, to have something on hand for them when they go off to college.

What's the most fun way that you have ever received or given money gifts? There are so many ideas out there. I'd love to hear from you!


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