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Monday, June 15, 2015

Garden Inspired Snacks with Container Gardens at their Best! {No weeding Required}

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Happy Monday! I don't know about you, but I had a great weekend and was ready for today to be here! I am loving spending more time outside lately and more time with my kiddos as well. We have been camping already, kayaking, swimming, reading, walking through waterfalls, baking, and working in our little garden.

Awhile ago I shared with you how we made our little garden, and let me tell has been growing! So we've been out watering and weeding and watering and weeding and...haha You get the picture. So we decided to make a fun little snack in honor of our garden and summertime.

It turned out so fun and was so easy to make, so I thought I would share it with you today.

We had to do some errands and were out at our local Walmart, so we picked up some of the new Snack Pack Pudding Bars and the 6 count Strawberry SUPER Snack Pack Juicy Gels to use for this little garden snack. Then we headed to the produce section and picked out some of our favorite summer berries and threw in some greens and kiwi as well. Yum!

We headed home and then had so much fun putting it all together! We have several different kinds of gardens at our house...raised beds, herb gardens, in ground gardens, container gardens...So, we decided to make both Container Garden Snacks AND a replica of a regular garden in the ground with our snacks. 

For our container gardens, first, we (obviously) peeled off the top of the Snack Pack juicy Gels. 

Next we either went straight to adding some greens to the top of the gelatin, OR we crumbled up some fake "dirt" (from our Snack Pack pudding bars) and placed that on top of the gelatin. And THEN added the greens. Either way you go, they are scrumptious and adorable!

Then all we needed to do was to add some berries to our little container gardens. So out came the strawberries...

the blueberries...

the raspberries...

and even some kiwi!

You just place a berry or two on top of the greens. You can even mix the fruit right into the gelatin as well if you want! So many possibilities of fun here!

Next we started on our "in ground" gardens. We took our Snack Pack Pudding Bars and unwrapped them. We used both the chocolate and the chocolate caramel ones. Yum!

We placed them into rows.

Then we added some different kinds of greens. We used green leaf lettuce in one row, spinach in another, and then some spring lettuce in yet another row,

Next, we threw on some strawberries in one row of our garden, 

some raspberries in another row, 

 and then the blueberries in the middle row, to make our little "berry garden".

It looked so fun! BUT we decided to add one more element of fun with these fun little Berry Garden signs. We just looked up free berry clipart online, printed a few off, then taped them to a toothpick and stuck them into the front of each row of berries. 

So fun!

Isn't the best garden ever?! AND it's instantly ready to harvest! haha

This is definitely gardening at it's best! And no weeding! Ha!

But before you head out to pick up some the Super Snack Pack Juicy Gels, I have a coupon for you! And if you like the new Snack Pack Pudding Bars, here's a coupon for them as well! My kids loved them! And they're perfect for on-the-go!

So, what are you filling up your summer with, and what has been your favorite snack to make or take along with you? I love how simple these little Garden snacks were to make and that they can be taken along with anywhere too!


Nicole Elliott said...

These are so super fun and I love how they sneak a nutritious punch to them! Way unique! #client

RDP said...

Fun! And looks easy enough that I can do. Thanks.

Nancy Phillips said...

So fun and appealing!! Thanks!