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Friday, June 12, 2015

Our Family's Summer Bucket List 2015 {Over 70 PLUS Summer Activities}

What do you have planned for your summer? We made a HUGE Summer Bucket List and have already done several things on our list, and wanted to share it with you today. Some of the things are so simple, and others take a bit of prep, but we hope it gives you a bit of inspiration as well to spruce your own summer up.

Summer Bucket List 2015
1. Go swimming at the pool
2. Go camping (or camp in your backyard...we're doing both!)

3. Make a craft with water bottles
4. Make homemade jam
5. Grill outside weekly

6. Visit a lighthouse (This one is a wish and might not make it this year for us.)
7. Watch fireworks on the Fourth of July.
8. Do a puzzle
9. Play board games every week (or every day!)
10. Read aloud as a family.
11. Read independently daily
12. Join the Library Reading Book Club
13. Go to the library weekly.
14. Look for constellations. Learn some new ones.
15. Get ice cream on a hot summer day.

16. Bake cookies or another favorite treat.
17. Make homemade ice cream.
18. Work on math and reading summer goals.
19. Take piano lessons.
20. Start learning the ukulele.
21. Play in the sprinkler.
22. Work in the garden

23. Make homemade salsa.

24. Write in your journals.
25. Find toads outside.
26. Make a toad craft
27. Paint rocks.
28. Do a sewing project.

29. Take family pictures.

30. Finish painting a project at home (the doghouse for us)
31. Go fishing.
32. Swim at the lake/river (both for us!)
33. Find cloud pictures
34. Do a learning unit on clouds
35. Go hiking.

36. Go on a family bike ride.
37. Go mountain biking.
38. Put up patio lights.
39. Cook and eat dinner at a local park.

40. Play a friendly game of kickball or soccer with friends and family.
41. Geocache
42.Work on scouts (My son will be doing his Eagle Scout project.)
43. Have a make and take craft (or food) day with friends.
44. Have a Movie Marathon day (We're doing Indiana Jones)
45. Go see some summer movies at the park
46. Go to the drive in movie theater.
47. Go skating
48. Go bowling (There are always local deals!)
49. Make lemon bars and deliver to a friend.
50. Make friendship/survival bracelets
51. Plant small individual flower gardens
52. Go to a water park or splash pad
53. Fly kites

54. Kayak/Raft/Canoe

55. Write down/Draw Favorite Memories with Grandparents
56. Make neckerchief slides for scouts
57. Have a raingutter regata as a family or with your scout pack
58. Clean out the garage and/or attic. (We're working on both!)
59. Clean out your closets.
60. Make sock puppets and have a puppet show.
61. Wash your car.
62. Video your kids singing.

63. Go visit your favorite local park and have a tea party there.

64. Find local museums or attractions to go visit.
65. Find a Chick-Fil-a that does the art days like below:

66. Make a water blob.
67. Write letters to cousins.
68. Take your kids to work with you.
69. Play on the slip and slide.

70. Make memories with your family.

AND a couple more that we already added...stack rocks in the river....

AND walk through a waterfall! Make it a GREAT summer to remember!

What are on your summer plans? 
We love adding onto our own Summer bucket list and would love to hear from you!