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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ultimate Baby Shower Party Plan for a Boy OR a Girl!

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Happy Wednesday! We're halfway to Friday already! Some weeks seem to fly by and others seem to drag by! This week is flying by for me though, and I'm thinking it's because of all the fun stuff I have been playing with. haha I don't know about you, but I love baby showers! I love the excitement and happiness that always accompanies them. They're full of happy smiles and everyone sharing stories. Some stories are hilarious and some are embarrassing, but they're always fun to listen to.

Well, today I'm going to share with you how I created the perfect little baby shower, whether it be for a baby boy OR a baby girl! I always think it's fun when you don't know if the baby is a boy or girl until the baby is born. But either way, this party plan works for both! 

I have been loving playing with all the Disney Baby products and love that they work for both baby boys and girls! Who doesn't like Mickey AND Minnie together? And who doesn't love the huggable Winnie the Pooh or the sweet Dumbo? See how perfect Disney Baby is for either a boy or girl?! So, next time you are planning a shower for either, or better yet, if you don't know what they baby is going to be yet, Disney Baby is definitely the way to go!

I headed out to my local Walmart to gather a bunch of party supplies. I love how fun and colorful all of the Disney Baby products are and how fun they make the whole table and decorations look, so I stocked up! 

For this baby shower, I plan to play a couple of games where I can USE all of the Disney Baby gifts that I bought. AND the best part is that everything doubles as decorations/game supplies AND as the gift for the mama-to-be! This way you don't spend a lot of money on decorations that just get thrown away later. 

After I had gathered and purchased everything I needed for the party, I was ready to decorate and to set up the table for the baby shower party. I love making the table the center of the decorations and I wanted to make this one where it could be for a boy OR a girl still. So, I kept with the Disney Baby theme and not only used some of the Disney Baby gift items I bought for the baby and mom ON the table, but also created a cute little garland to hang with the theme as well. 

For the garland, I cut several larger black circles and several smaller black circles, to be...?? You guessed it! Mickey and Minnie's heads! (Here's a little tip: If you don't have a circle cutter or a machine to cut the circles out on, just grab a small plate and a cup and trace the circles and cut. Easy Peasy and soooo cute!)

Then I added a fun little pink paper bow or flower clip to all of the Minnie Mouse heads and a little blue or green paper bowtie to make the Mickey Mouse ones. You can do paper bows here OR you can use the real deals (REAL hairbows and bowties clipped onto the paper garland) that they can use later on the real baby when it arrives. Love! And so simple and easy that anyone can do this!

   I made two of these simple garlands. One to go with the table, and one to go in the other room that we partied in!

Next party set up on the agenda was the tablescape! (My favorite part!)

I took a few of the gift items that I bought, like some Disney Baby receiving blankets and a stuffed animal or toy here and there, and added them to the tablescape as well. It makes the theme apparent and totally completes the table! I had already put some crepe paper up in the background and the cute little DIY Mickey and Minnie Mouse garland.

The little receiving blankets I laid out directly onto the table to add some color to the tablescape. I used these on top of the actual neutral colored tablecloth I had already laid down. Then I started adding more.

 I used the Mickey and Minnie Mouse as decoration on the table. 

And I used the diaper bag to hold the cards and gift cards. (I also threw in some of the smaller gifts I got {like the cute Mickey Mouse baby bottles} into the diaper bag to complete the look.)

The Winnie the Pooh bibs hung in front of the table to create a little garland in front.

For the food, I kept it pretty simple. I  had a fruit plate, some fun blue and pink It's a Boy! and It's a Girls faux "cigars" (You can see how I made them here.), 

Pink lemonade AND blue raspberry for the drinks,

Pink AND blue frosted mini cupcakes, 
Mickey Mouse heads made with donuts and donut holes,

...and some snacks here and there. I really tried to keep it pretty simple and low food time prep, so that we could have more fun and enjoy the day together and focus on the baby celebration! 

Last thing to set up was a clothesline. Yep! A clothesline! Why?! It was the perfect way to decorate with even more of my fun Disney Baby finds in the main room where we partied. It also (again) doubled as a gift AND as part of the party decorations. PLUS it was part a game that we were going to play.

I strung it from one side of the room to another and hung everything from a cute Winnie the Pooh bed set and sheets on it to Mickey and Minnie baby hats, more blankets and bibs, more animals, pacifiers, a Minnie Mouse comb and pouch, etc. It was so festive and adorable and totally transformed the room to baby shower mode!

Now, I was ready for the guests to arrive!

As people were arriving to the party, I handed them each a little sheet of paper and a pen. I asked them to write down the best advice that they had for the mother-to-be, along with their all time favorite kids movie. This was great to keep everyone busy as people arrived. 

The first game we got to play included the clothesline that was hanging up in the party room.  
After everyone had arrived, I had quietly and discreetly taken down the whole clothesline as inconspicuously as I could, as the guests were all talking and writing down their advice for the mother to be. I set it aside in another room. 

I handed out more little notepapers for each guest to write on for the Clothesline game. I asked if anyone noticed the clothesline that had been hanging in the room. I then instruct everyone to write down as many items as they can remember that were on the clothesline...the more detail the better. (That way if there is a tie, you can see who remembered the most...colors, patterns, characters, etc.) You set a timer for just 1-2 minutes, and then pencils stop. Bring the clothesline back out and go over who has listed what. The winner will be the person that remembers the most! So fun and easy! And like I said, it doubles as cute decor and a great gift!

The next fun game on the agenda for the party was, again, one where I used what I bought as some of the baby gifts. This time I used smaller items that fit into a paper lunch sized bag. 

I unwrapped and took all of my baby items out of the packages ahead of time and closed them up in a paper bag. I stuck with the Disney Bbaby theme and was able to find lots and lots of fun baby items that would work for both a boy OR a girl. I used some Mickey Mouse baby bottles, a Minnie Mouse training sippy cup, pacifiers, Minnie Mouse clippers, disposable placemats for baby, some Disney baby toys, blanket, and other items out of the Minnie Mouse Health and Grooming Kit, like this set of clippers/hairbrush, etc.

Each person at the party was handed a bag. They were to feel what was in the bag and try and guess what it was, and then they would write it down. 

There are so many ideas that you can use here for this game: from pacifiers, to bottles, bibs, burpcloths, toys, baby sippy cups, rattles, teethers, diapers, outfits, changing pads, even baby food! The winner is of course, the one who guessed the most correctly. And again, all of the items are gifts again for the guest of honor! 

I love using the gifts that I buy for the guest of honor as part of the decorations as game. It's so fun with your themes this way and saves you money from buying both a gift AND decorations that just get thrown away later.

After the games, it was time to enjoy that fun tablescape I had created and time for us to eat and visit and laugh more together.

Before the party was over, the last thing to do is to have each guest share their little bit of advice and favorite kids movie that they had written down at the beginning. The mom-to-be can keep each of those for as a little momento of the party, and even glue them onto the Mickey and Minnie Mouse heads from the garland, if she wants to put them into a scrapbook later.

Aren't baby showers great?! So much happiness and love are always present and it's a great time to celebrate with friends and loved ones. I absolutely loved throwing this Disney Baby shower and seeing the smiles that it created. What's your favorite part of baby showers? I love hearing all of the fun stories that come from them!


Michelle said...

What a fun baby shower. I would have loved to have a shower like that thrown for me - and how perfect to not have to throw decorations away. I always hated that part! #client

stevenjared0853 said...

Gratitude for sharing the Ultimate Baby Shower Party Plan. I had a great time watching the photos and these decorations are way too good. The food is colorful and mouthwatering. My sister also hosted a baby shower for me on last weekend at one of the event halls for rent. I adore the magic she infuse into the custom parties and made my event too very enjoyable.