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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Washi tape and Duct Tape Covered Notebooks {DIY Summer Craft}

I don't know how your summer days are going, but ours have been great! My girls have been enjoying doing some crafts with me lately and I wanted to share these fun little easy notebooks we made this week. They're perfect for a summer afternoon inside, out of the heat! 

AND they're perfect for ANYONE, ANY AGE. AND...a great kids craft OR even for you and some friends! Inexpensive and little time required too! All you need is a bit of tape and a notebook. 

I picked up a few inexpensive notebooks and then just pulled out my stash of duct tape and washi tape and let the girls go at it! I love how different they all came out and how bright and fun they are!

I helped my youngest apply the tape to hers, but the other two pretty much did it on their own. I even love how the tape isn't straight on one, but my daughter loves it and is so proud of it! 

It even kind of looks like that shabby chic look! 

One daughter added a flower, and then they all had to. haha (Personally I think I like them better without them, but to a little girl...flowers are a must! haha) You can add ribbon to the spiral to fru-fru it up too! hee hee Or stickers or vinyl...or whatever you want!

(Think she got enough bling in the middle of the flower there? haha)

I love the strip of chalkboard washi tape and the girls have had fun drawing on it each day too!

AND...I love that they are also keeping them occupied everyday for a bit too, as they write and draw in them.

So fun! And so many ways to personalize and change them up.