Checkered Nerkerchief Tablecloth, Table Runner, Picnic Blanket, AND Bedcover ~ Create it. Go!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Checkered Nerkerchief Tablecloth, Table Runner, Picnic Blanket, AND Bedcover

Happy Fourth of July!

Today I have a quick little DIY project for you that you could even make this morning if you wanted!

I love multi-purpose items and today's post definitely fits into that category. This works as:

a Tablecloth, 

a Table Runner, 

a Picnic Blanket, 

AND a Bedcover! 

I love how versatile it is! And all you need is a few neckerchiefs to make this DIY project!

I made mine as a festive Fourth of July item, but we can use it year round when camping, picnicking, in the yard, etc. AND you can also do it it with different colors for any occasion! It's perfect for that rustic feel year round too!

This is an easy and quick little project that shouldn't take more than 15 minutes or so! All you really need is several handkerchiefs and luckily those are very inexpensive! Then...all you need to do is lay them out and sew them together. AND a little tip for all of you out there that don't sew...#1 you couldn't get anything to sew that is easier than this if you want to try AND #2 you can just buy so fabric glue if you prefer!

 Just sew some straight lines and that's it! I decided to make mine "rag style", so I cut the overhang into little strips for fun too!

There really are so many fun things that you can do with this! Your kids can even use it to make a tent! Just hang some rope up and hang this over it "old tent style". Perfect for inside or outside and easy to throw in the wash! Just go pick out some fun neckerchiefs and go at it! Have fun and Happy Fourth of July crafting!