Matching Girl and Doll Grass Skirt and Lei DIY Tutorial ~ Create it. Go!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Matching Girl and Doll Grass Skirt and Lei DIY Tutorial

Happy Friday! OR should I say FriYay?! haha I don't know what they weather has been like for you lately, but this week has been ALL rain! Crazy summer! We did however enjoy some sunshiny days the past few weeks though, and I wanted to share with you some fun we had in the sun!

My girls (ages from 10 down to 3) all love their dolls! It's a girl thing, right? haha Well, we recently picked up some fun little grass skirts and leis for my girls, just for some fun dress up items. BUT...then they wanted them for their dolls too! (Of course! I should have totally seen that coming!)  Ha! So we decided to whip some up from items we had on hand at home. And they turned out so cute and fun! Read on to see how to make the skirts and the leis!

For the little miniature DIY leis, we used some little scrapbooking paper flowers I had and some stretchy cord, and then some straws that we cut into 1 inch sized pieces.

Then  all you need to do is poke a tiny hole in the center of the flower, and thread the flowers and straws onto your elastic cord. That's it! So fun and easy! AND you can make big ones the same way for the girls if you want too!

Then comes the DIY grass skirts! All you really need for the grass skirts is some green fabric! And maybe a glue gun OR a sewing machine. I do sew, but I was throwing these together fast, and so we used the glue gun this time. Yep that's it!

You just cut a rectangle of green fabric a little less than a foot long and about 6-7ish inches wide. Then take some fabric scissors and cut strips in the fabric about a half inch wide. You want to leave about 3 inches at the top of the fabric alone (Don't cut slits all the way to the top. Leave about 3 inches whole. You can see what I mean in the pic below.)

Then cut one long strip of fabric alone (or grab a ribbon) that you will use to tie the grass skirt around the doll with. (About a foot long or so.)

Then lay that strip (or the tie) along the top of the green where you didn't cut. Fold it over and hot glue it down, so that it creates a pocket for the tie to slide through and cinch around the dolls waist. Basically, you are creating the wasitband.

And that's it! Again, so easy and the girls LOVED it!

They laid their dolls out in the sun which totally cracked me up! hahaha

And then jumped in for a little fun! 

We also made their little tops and coordinating felt flowers. They loved how they all matched and were decked out and ready for some summer fun! I'll share that tutorial with you another day! For now though, I'd love to hear the most fun and creative ways you have seen girls play with their dolls. They crack me up the way mine play! It's a girl thing. ;)