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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer Fun with Cousin Swaps! {DIY Water Bottles}

We've been having fun with ALL girls in our house the last couple weeks. We have cousins visiting and our boys are gone visiting other cousins elsewhere. We've had craft days and outtings, and swimming, and lots and lots of karoke, and basically lots of girl fun.Such a different dynamic in our house and my poor hubby has been so outnumbered. Ha!

But, I wanted to share with you one little thing we did as a DIY craft one afternoon. We picked up some water bottles and decided to personalize them so that they could each have a little something to remember this summer together. PLUS, they have worked great here at home and on outtings to help keep everyone hydrated in the summer heat! (And it has eliminated the number of cups used in our house too! WIN! haha)

We decided to just put Cousin Swap on the bottles, and the year mainly, but had to add some names and a fun sun for the summer fun we are having. We kept the design simple, and love the way it came out! They each helped to apply the vinyl to the bottles too. 

And then took them outside immediately for some outside fun!

Clink! (as they say) haha

And they have been perfect for the summer hikes we've gone on while we explore the trails and waterfalls. Yay for cousin time!