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Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer Fun with Fireflies Bookmark {Kids Craft}

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great Fourth of July weekend and got to relax a little with family and friends and enjoy celebrating living in a free country!

We had tons of fun and spent a lot of time outside. One of my kids' favorite things to do in the summer is to watch and to try and catch fireflies (or lightning bugs...whichever you call them at your house). So...with that in our minds and all of the summer reading we are doing at our house, we decided to make some Summer Fun Firefly Bookmarks!

There are so fun and easy to do too! I loved them as much as my kids. AND it's a great craft for kids of ANY age! Keep reading to see how we made them!

You don't need much at all to make these either. We started with some light blue cardstock. I happened to already have a little mason jar stamp that we then stamped at the bottom of the bookmark, but you could also just print one out on your cardstock from a free clipart file online.

Next, we either used our fingers and did some fingerprinting OR we used some Q-tips, depending on your preference (and size of fingers). haha We used some light yellow acrylic paint for this. (We tried yellow ink first, but it didn't show up as well.)

Then we just grabbed a marker and added some little wings and eyes if you want as well. 
Optional: Some of us then added a dab of white paint into the wings too.

And then some of us doodled a bit. No matter who does it though, it's fun to see how they come out! They're great for a bookmark, a craft, to promote that summer reading, and even as a little keepsake with fingerprints!  

Hope you love them and have fun making your own!