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Friday, July 17, 2015

Toadally Awesome! {Frog or Toad Kids Craft}

How is your summer going? Ours has been so much fun! We've gone camping, and hiking, and been a small road trip to a family wedding and now we have cousins staying wit us for a bit! So we decided to make it even more fun with these TOADally awesome rock crafts today! 

They're so simple to make....and even more fun sitting out in your garden or in your house next to some plants. PLUS they're great to play with too!

Check them out and see how easy they are to make!

All you really need is some little rocks, some adhesive (I used double sided foam tape and glue dots.), googly eyes, and some paper cut outs of toad (or frog shapes). (Painting the rocks is optional.) They take just minutes to make and kids love love LOVE them!

Step 1. Pick up some rocks. I got mine at Wal-Mart, but if you have some around your house, even better!

2. Cut out the shapes of some toads/frogs. I cut mine on my Silhouette, but you can also print some out online and cut with scissors just fine too! (I also cut off the head part to make it where the rock sticks out more for the head shape.)

We did at least three different sizes for fun too. 
(My girls wanted baby toads and a family of toads! lol)

 3. Take your double sided foam tape and throw some on the back of the rock. 

Adhere the rock to the paper shaped toad.

Then add your googly eyes with glue dots. 

From here, they can be done and I love seeing the stripes and different designs from the natural rocks!

OR if the rocks aren't naturally designed or so pretty, you can paint spots or whatever designs you want on them like the one below:

No matter what you do, they are tons of fun to make, super easy and create smiles! 
(She's loving her baby toad here below.) AND they're the easiest pets EVER to take care of! Hee Hee

 Hope you're having a TOADally awesome summer!