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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Cinnamon a pot! {Teacher Gift or Fall Candy Bowl}

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I'm ready to say Happy Fall Ya'll! But we're not quite there yet. haha

We started back to school last week here and I wanted to share with you a super duper simple easy peasy! teacher gift that you can use right now OR anytime of year. Seriously! It can't get any easier than this! AND it's multifunctional for the teacher!

It's a Cinnamon a pot! So so easy and yet, they can use it later to take home and plant something in or put their pens and pencils in...whatever they want! I even thought of dolling it up a bit more by putting the teacher's name on the front or a big A+. BUT decided that I liked the simplicity of it being just a big red apple this time. :)

So, here is your list of supplies needed to make this gem:

One red pot (I got mine from the dollar store.)
A cinnamon stick (for the stem of the apple)
Cinnamon candy (I went with Hot Tamales.)
Some scrap green paper

Glue Dots®

Now, you're ready to assemble. And it will only take you maybe 5 minutes max!

1. Dump you Cinnamon Candy in your pot.

2.Cut out a green leaf and use your Glue Dots® to adhere it to the cinnamon stick.

3. And stick your cinnamon stick down into the center of the candy/pot.

So fun and easy! And different from anything else the teacher will get. Honestly I like to just keep one of these in my house as well this time of year. Great little snack bowl that is festive too!

Don't you just love it!? 
I can totally see it sitting on the teacher's desk!

Happy Back to School everyone!

I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots® Design team.