"Be Kind. No exceptions." FREE Printable Word Art ~ Create it. Go!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"Be Kind. No exceptions." FREE Printable Word Art

Howdy! Howdy! I don't know about you, but somedays it's pretty easy to start feeling like the world we live in is not the one that we grew up in...or the one that our parents grew up in...OR the one we want our children to grow up in. 

I wish that everyone could respect each others differences and even see the beauty in them. I have felt sick to my stomach reading the headlines of so many things lately, especially when it comes to the way that the law enforcement in our country is being treated. I see mothers attacking the way that other women mother. I see teenagers that are bullies and hating on other kids. BUT, if you look around, you can still see good as well. I have always loved the quote: Be the Good, Believe There is Good in the World and have even put it up in my house in vinyl in more than one place:

(You can see other ways I have made this here.)

But today, I wanted to share with you a simple new printable I created. I have it up in my house and love the simple reminder that it is to me and to my family each day. That each of us can change the world, that it matters how we treat others, and that we each have value and deserve respect.

No exceptions.

Because, really, there is no reason good enough to NOT be kind. 

Just as with my other printables, this one is free to print and use in your home for personal use. NOT to be used in any other way though or to be sold or used for commercial use. 

I have two different versions for you too. Choose whichever one you like best and print away!

I hope you enjoy it and it serves you as a reminder too. Go about doing good, share your own great personality with others, give, and let your example be seen...of being kind, with no exceptions.