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Friday, September 18, 2015

For the Love of Acorns [Collection}

I don't know what it is about acorns...but I love them! I always have! When I was little, I don't ever remember seeing them where I grew up. I always thought they were as big as a fist. haha Then in High School. my family moved and I remember walking home from school one day and seeing some on the ground under a tree next to the road. I was astonished that they were so small! haha BUT there's just something about them!

Apparently. I am not the only one either, because I have found a whole slew of ways to DIY acorns into fun crafts, jewelry and more! So, this weekend, I wanted to share a few of the ones that I found that caught my attention!

Some of the are simple and just used around a candle like this one from Intimate Weddings:

Or simply in a decorative jar like below:

And others are fun ways to paint or decorate them:

OR hang on these fun bells!

(Photo credit not found.)

Wouldn't this one be adorable set up in a fairy or gnome garden?


I have to say that the next two are some of my favorite DIY acorns I found:

Then there are these fun little coasters from The Seasoned Homemaker that I am dying to try to make!

And check out these cute fabric covered acorns from Patchwork Pottery!

The toadstools are oober fun!

And the acorns snacks! LOVE! From The Nest

And yes, I DO have these earrings. haha

Picture found on etsy on The Botanical Bird Shop

And this nest...amazing! (Another one from Twig and Toadstool!)

You can't stop there about these felted wool acorns from .

Found from StoneHouseCrafts on Etsy

And lastly, there are several tips and suggestions out there to help you make sure you don't bring the bugs into your crafts, like these tops from  An Extraordinary Day.

So...what do you think? When was the first time you remember discovering acorns? Did you collect them at the park like my little kids do? Do you find them as charming as I do...or am I just weird? haha I love hearing your comments.