Fun Finds at Magnolia Market ~ Create it. Go!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fun Finds at Magnolia Market

Happy Middle of the Week! So far no more injuries at our house. haha Thank goodness!

So, one of my favorite shows IF I ever get a chance to actually sit down and watch it is Fixer Upper. I have watched it since about the beginning. I love so many things about it...JoJo's style, the fun relationship between her and Chip, seeing how they include their whole family into they daily lives, even at work...I could go on and on,

So...this past summer when we were traveling, I talked my husband into stopping by Magnolia Market, as we were driving through Waco, TX. I had looked up info on the shop already and it was pretty much what I expected. Lots of fun items to use in your home decor collections. Some more than I would pay, but oh so cute and so much inspiration. 

I wanted to just pick up a couple little things to add to the kitchen I am trying to create for my future house. And this is what I decided on:

Simple, but so fun!

I love the pop of color between the light blue and the strawberries....

And the pig...he was just too cute to leave him at the store. haha

I came home and printed up a little saying to put into the place holder slot and love the idea of changing it out...or leaving fun notes there.

Isn't he adorable!? Just look at that nose. haha

Anyway, it was fun to see the store. Too bad I won't be there when they finish the silohs. They are going to be amazing I think!

Thanks for the inspiration Chip and Jo! Love your teamwork!