Button Spider Halloween Kids Craft AND Cheesy Popcorn Snack Hack ~ Create it. Go!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Button Spider Halloween Kids Craft AND Cheesy Popcorn Snack Hack

I help out at my daughter's preschool co-op on Tuesdays, so we're off to preschool this morning. BUT first, I wanted to show you a couple of fun little crafts I have done with my littles recently.

One of them, the Button Spider I even have a short little tutorial for you today, but first...

Do you remember my string art pumpkin from last week? My five year old wanted to make one for her kindergarten teacher and did amazing with it. I helped draw the heart and helped with the thumbtacks and she took it from there! She did great with the string. I love that you can do it methodically OR with no rhyme or reason and it still turns out adorable!

So much fun for any age to make AND receive!

Ok!...back to our fun kids craft and cheesy popcorn snack hack!

It's so simple and the kids LOVE it! And it's a no mess craft!

For our craft, we made a Button Spider out of...yep, a button! All you'll need to make this fun little spider is a button, black pipe cleaners, a couple of googly eyes and some Glue Dots. 

It's pretty basic and self explanatory, but the kids will love making him by themselves! 

Button Spider Kids Craft:
Take your pipe cleaners and cut them to the length you want for your spider legs and bend them accordingly.

Then just grab the glue dots and attach the legs on the back of the button with the glue dots AND the eyes on the front of the button.
AND...wala, you're done! (Or the kids are! lol)

Then...to serve some fun cheesy popcorn along with it (I wanted it to be Halloween colors.), I popped some microwave popcorn...

and then just grabbed the cheese packet out of a box of Mac and Cheese I had and sprinkled it on top of the popcorn. 

So easy and they are sure to eat it up! 

Such a cute little treat for the kiddos and a fun craft that they can do without a mess for you! haha


Shari said...

This is so cute!

L J Dogsmom said...

Love it! I bet the kids have a blast making these.