DIY Easy 10 Minute Pumpkin Decorating {with Thumb Tacks and Push Pins} ~ Create it. Go!

Monday, October 5, 2015

DIY Easy 10 Minute Pumpkin Decorating {with Thumb Tacks and Push Pins}

Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Pumpkins!I love pumpkins! 
I love all of the recipes that use pumpkin this time of year. I love taking pictures in pumpkin patches. I love the happy color of pumpkins. I love it all!

So this past week, I decided to decorate a few of the pumpkins out on my front porch a little differently and I had so much fun! I love the way they came out and add a bit more charm to it all! And it only took me 10 minutes or less! So so easy that any of you can do it!

All you'll need is some pumpkins, thumb tacks, string and some paint pens or vinyl for a bit more decoration if you want.


The first one I made turned out so fun!
I figured out exactly what kind of design I wanted, by playing around with my Silhouette program on my computer. This is what I came up with. I was fine if the end result wasn't exactly the same, but was just going for something similar.

I used these little pumpkin pie pumpkins to do this little project with and started with this:

I cut out a couple of leafy swirls on my Silhouette with black vinyl and grabbed my white flat push pins/thumb tacks and went at it.

I applied the vinyl swirls...

and then added the thumb tacks, one at a time, to create a letter.

So simple, quick, and fun!

Then next one was so different, but loved the color I added to it. 
Again, I started with this:

 I drew a heart onto my pumpkin with pencil (bc it's easy to still erase if needed). (You can also print and/or cut out a heart shape with paper and use that as a guide if you want.)

I took some of my taller transparent push pins, and placed them all around the heart, like you would do nails with string art. You could also use nails, but this was easier and faster and you get the same outcome. This is also easier for kids to do too!

After I had placed the thumb tacks all around to make the heart shape, I took some string (I chose blue because I love blue and orange together.) and started to loop the string from one push pin to the other, making string art.

I love it! So cute! 
And I love the pop of color it adds to my little mini pumpkin patch/fall front porch decor.

What is your favorite way to decorate pumpkins or to use them as decoration? I love seeing all of the unconventional ways people decorate them!